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We’ve set up a number of different services on AlphaZone4 that we realise other PlayStation Home fansites may like to have too.

This page is where you can find bits of HTML code and JavaScript that will allow you to embed various bits of AlphaZone4 onto your own website.

If you ever have any feedback or comments, feel free to click the orange feedback tab on the left of the website or pop us an email at

These services are in beta, so we would appreciate any feedback, which will help us decide whether to keep the services active or whether to add more.

“Is Home Online?” Service

This is a new experimental service ran by AlphaZone4. We’re still testing it, but assuming it works as we expect, we’ll be letting other websites embed a small image stating whether PlayStation Home is currently online or not.

If you use this service on your own website, we require that you provide a clear link to AlphaZone4, stating that is where the “Is Home Online?” service comes from. We hope you feel that is fair :)

To use this on your own website, simply copy and paste this piece of HTML onto your page:

<script src=''></script>
<div id='home_status'></div>

If you know what you’re doing, you can instead choose to include the status.js line in your website footer, to increase your website’s rendering time slightly.

Note: your website needs to be using jQuery for this to work. Most websites like WordPress sites already have this installed. If not, use this line just before the status.js one:

<script src=''></script>