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Sunday 29th of November 2015 08:43am Europe/London

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Note, events listed as community events are not official AlphaZone4 events.


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To consider when adding an event:
When you enter a space in Home, the Home servers places you into one of the many versions of each area. So, avoid saying "meet in Uncharted 2", because everyone will be in different places.
Instead, make sure you leave a PSN ID so that people can add somebody as a friend and can jump to them - this ensures they end up in the same area.

If you have any kind of URL to the event, please leave it so we can confirm the time & date you leave.
To try and avoid any errors, make sure that you have set your correct timezone on this site, so that the time & date will be correct.

American users cannot visit European spaces and European users cannot visit American spaces.
However, they can all get together in clubhouses or personal apartments. So, choose the region the event is for carefully.

Do you have a recurring event? Contact us at

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