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Granzella Content Update – 27th November 2013

November 25th, 2013 | 2 comments

This week on PlayStation Home from Granzella:

The brand new ‘City by the Bay Loft’ personal space arrives in North American and European regions, as part of the “Windows to the World” personal space series.

SCEA & SCEE Regions

  • 20131127_SanFrancisco PSCity by the Bay Loft “Windows to the World” Personal Space

From a huge loft right next to the cable car tracks, it’s time to begin your new life in San Francisco.

In this next installment of Granzella’s Window to the World Personal Space series, there are dozen of reward items for you to collect!

Cafe and garden furniture, flower beds and fountains to brighten up your backyard, garden arches, accessory shop items, Victorian lighting, chandeliers, and more. Decorate your house! Set up shop! It’s all up to you!

A spacious 4 story loft, wooden balcony, and backyard with built in sprinklers; yours to decorate any way you like.

You can change the time of day, background music, wallpaper and lighting! The sprinklers really work! Use curtains and carpets (sold separately) to customize each floor!

Come and bring your style to the City by the Bay!


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