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Granzella Content Update – 24th July 2013

July 22nd, 2013 | 3 comments

This week in PlayStation Home from Granzella:

The KAKAI Machine Empire event comes to the North American region. The next set of Baseball Outfits comes to the EU region. The new Gunslinger and Ronin sets come to EU and JP region of Home. And the Nostalgic School Days set comes to Asia region.

SCEE & SCEJ Regions

  • 20130724_Rifle Warrior Gunfighter 4-piece Set


The new Gunfighter profession for Operation: Defend Edo has arrived!

The long-awaited profession for Granzella’s Great Edo. With a haori, hakama, and a shouldered long rifle, the Gunfighter is here!

As a shooting expert, long range is the Gunfighter’s strong point. From out of enemy’s reach, one after the other, aim and shoot!

In addition, it is highly advantageous for attacking mononoke that appear in the air during Operation: Defend Edo. It’s possible to accurately damage the Ookubi and Hitouban which are usually difficult to hit.

Along with a gun for a weapon, this 4 piece set also includes a haori and hakama, gunfighter ponytail hairstyle, and boots. Available in red, blue, black, and white.

Gunshots dryly reverberate through Edo at night.


  • 20130724_RoninSincere Ronin 3-piece Set

The outfits of warriors active during the late Tokugawa period have arrived!

Granzella introduces the Sincere Ronin 3-piece Set.

The outfits of ronin warriors, formed to protect the security of the nation at the end of the samurai period, are now available!

Fluttering, vivid blue cloth sleeves and the impressive, long hem design of the haori and hakama will fill you with a pure sense of justice. A ponytail with a hachigane headband hairstyle and sandals are also provided in this 3 piece set. Men and women wearing this item will show more bravery and dignity. On the back, against a blue background, the character for “sincerity” is presented in white.

Become a nation defending ronin and defeat the evil infestation in the city of Edo!


SCEAsia Region

  • Nostalgic School Days – Personal Space
  • Self-Assembly Blackboard 2-piece Set
  • Grand Piano Set
  • School Desk and Chair Set
  • Cleaning Supplies Set
  • Home Economics Room Counter
  • Science Room Counter
  • Human Anatomical Model

SCEE Region

  • 20130710_Baseball_landscapeBaseball Cap (Black)
  • Baseball Helmet (Black)
  • Baseball Uniform (Black)
  • Baseball Pants (Black)
  • Catcher’s Protector & Uniform (Black)
  • Catcher’s Leg Guards & Pants (Black)
  • Baseball Shorts (Black, Female)
  • Catcher’s Leg Guards & Shorts (Black, Female)
  • Baseball Glove (Brown)
  • Baseball Bat (wood)
  • Catcher’s Mask (Black)
  • Catcher’s Mitt (Brown)

Baseball locomotion items and Uniforms have arrived!

Granzella introduces the Locomotion – Bullpen Cart, Locomotion – Baseball Set, and Baseball Uniform.

With these locomotion items and baseball uniforms, you can now pretend to play baseball!

The Pitcher, Catcher, and Batter locomotion items are available in a 3-piece set deal.By changing between three types of motions for each position you can pretend to play baseball along with other players. In addition, you can enjoy a ride in the Bullpen Cart

Baseball Uniform colour variations will be released successively, one after another! By combining colours on the uniform pants, baseball cap, helmet, glove, and bat, you can create a team of your own!

Enjoy baseball with everyone, wherever you like, and in any uniform!

SCEA Region

wpid-8866932546_1f418cd0d1_b.jpg>> Locomotion – Booster Shoes (5 Colors)

Equipping Booster Shoes will improve your jumping ability and change your jump attack into a dropkick.

>> Beam Samurai Weapon Set
Beam Samurai Weapons Set contains basic items for Beam Samurai, who are the experts at direct attacks with the Beam Katana. Beam Samurai basically use their swords to unleash combo attacks.

>> Honeycomb Hacker Weapon Set

Honeycomb Hacker Weapon Set contains basic items for Honeycomb Hackers, who are able to disrupt enemy computers.
Honeycomb Hackers hack enemy computers and force them into friendly fire.

>> Battle Healer Weapon Set

Battle Healer Weapon Set contains basic items for Battle Healers, who are able to heal allies and destroy enemies with fists of steel.

>> Recovery-type Partner Set, Rabbit

Recovery-type partner rabbits will heal you at fixed intervals.
They have a strong affinity for Beam Samurai and display increased healing abilities when accompanying them.

>> Attack-type Partner Set, Dog

Attack-type partner dogs are trustworthy companions that follow the player around and deliver body blows to the enemies they discover.
They have a strong affinity for Honeycomb Hackers and display an increased attacking strength when accompanying them.

>> Support-type Partner Set, Talking Radish

Support-type partner talking radishes follow the player around.They are trustworthy companions that will enhance attacking strength,
defensive strength, movement speed, and gauge increases at fixed intervals.

Check out our main Invasion by the KAKAI Machine Empire article for more details on what to expect.

Update: The Kikai Machine Empire Event (NA) will start at 9 pm EDT on July 25 (or 2 am server time/BST on July 26).


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  • صفر اثنان

    Yes, Finally! I’ve been waiting for The Kikai Machine Empire event to be released in America! This the best Granzella update ever so far!

    • Milereb

      The Kikai Machine Empire event looks like a good reason to pop back into Home for sure. :)

  • Anon

    Hi i just got into Granzella Edo of Nippon an bought the outfit an i am wondering what the soul, ryo an Bu can be used for? please help!