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Granzella – Invasion by the Kikai Machine Empire

May 16th, 2013 | 3 comments

Granzella have launched a new event in the Japan region of PlayStation Home. ‘Invasion by the Kikai Machine Empire’. The event will take place in three Granzella lounges. Along with 6 new additional lounges that have been specially created for the event. The event will be held in EU and NA regions of PlayStation Home at a later date.


Invasion by the Kikai Machine Empire

At 9:00 p.m. on May 16 (Japan time), the UFO that stayed over the Neon Downtown was transformed.

On May 16, all of a sudden, the UFO that appeared to be a friendly messenger to the earth demanded that the earth should be surrendered. As the government ignored this, the UFO that stayed over the Neon Downtown was transformed and started attacking the earth!

The Kikai Machine Imperial Army dropped countless Kikai Soldiers from the UFO. The city was almost completely destroyed by the Kikai Soldiers. Attacks from the Kikai Machine Empire continued with no mercy, taking hope away from the people. Here comes a mysterious organization, called “Granzella”– the Granzella Self-Defence Forces. Now, let’s become a member of Granzella Self-Defence Forces and prevent their invasion!


Let’s Join the Granzella Self-Defence Forces!

Let’s gather information in the Secret Base? of the Granzella Self-Defence Forces! Once you receive the battle suit in the Secret Base? lounge, you will become a member of Granzella Self-Defence Forces! In addition, you will obtain one of the weapons of the following three professionals once you complete the quest given out by the Granzella Self-Defence Forces:

A) Profession: Beam Samurai Beam Samurai are the experts at direct attacks with the Beam Katana.

B) Profession: Honeycomb Hacker Honeycomb Hackers hack enemy computers and force them into friendly fire.

C) Profession: Battle Healer Battle Healers are able to heal allies and destroy enemies with fists of steel. They can deploy their energy shield in front of them.

Let’s work together with other players with different types of professions and fight against the Kikai Machine Imperial Army!

Help People and Get Reward Items!

When you talk to some people in the lounges, you will start a quest as a part of the mission. Every time you complete the quest, you will gain reward items, such as “Kikai Soldier’s Mask” and “Kikai Soldier’s Toilet”.

In addition, depending on how well you fight in the battle, you will receive “valiant points”. The valiance points will be tallied up, and the top ranking Players will be announced on the ranking board in the Secret Base? lounge. The highest ranking players will receive super gorgeous reward items such as “Kikai Soldier’s Mini Bike” and “Kikai Soldier Outfit” and so on!


Event Overview

  • Duration: JP Region – From 21:00 on May 16th through 29th 2013. (Japan Time) EU and NA times to be determined
  • Lounge: PlayStation Home Lounge Neon Downtown, Southern Island Hideaway, Great Edo of Nippon, and 6 other special lounges accessible in the course of the quests)
  • Event Official Website:

Event Items

  • Locomotion – Booster Shoes (5 Colors) – Equipping Booster Shoes will improve your jumping ability and change your jump attack into a dropkick.
  • Beam Samurai Weapon Set – contains basic items for Beam Samurai, who are the experts at direct attacks with the Beam Katana. Beam Samurai basically use their swords to unleash combo attacks.
  • Honeycomb Hacker Weapon Set – contains basic items for Honeycomb Hackers, who are able to disrupt enemy computers. Honeycomb Hackers hack enemy computers and force them into friendly fire.
  • Battle Healer Weapon Set – contains basic items for Battle Healers, who are able to heal allies and destroy enemies with fists of steel.
  • Recovery-type Partner Set, Rabbit – Recovery-type partner rabbits will heal you at fixed intervals.  They have a strong affinity for Beam Samurai and display increased healing abilities when accompanying them.
  • Attack-type Partner Set, Dog – Attack-type partner dogs are trustworthy companions that follow the player around and deliver body blows to the enemies they discover. They have a strong affinity for Honeycomb Hackers and display an increased attacking strength when accompanying them.
  • Support-type Partner Set, Talking Radish – Support-type partner talking radishes follow the player around.They are trustworthy companions that will enhance attacking strength, defensive strength, movement speed, and gauge increases at fixed intervals.


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  • Jin Lovelace

    This looks incredible! I might can make it for that event in Japan but if not, I guess I'll have to wait for the NA release. 😀

  • extatique

    is it individual points or total, some peeps r not cpmpleting the laps, they just do on area , what is the bottom line for the points and rewards

  • ghest

    were do u spend vailce points/