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NA Heads Down – Emerald Isle Adventure Pack, Space Coffee Shops, Anti-Grav Boots, Sofa Swings and more

March 6th, 2013 | 10 comments

This week in the NA PlayStation Home update, Juggernaut Games bring the new Emerald Isle Adventure Pack.

Fill your apartment with shamrocks and an Irish jig with the Essence of the Emerald Isle. Get the mysterious Rainbow Maker and see if you can find a pot of gold.There’s also some Irish dance moves, a gold-laden companion and, of course, plenty of green!

See more about this collection and more from Juggernaut Games in our content preview article.


Home Tycoon has another sale this week, with 50% off all New City purchases and 40% off the sleek TransUtopian Arcology until March 10th.


Granzella have new Soccer clothing and locomotion available this week, along with new Gothic Loli clothing and new Minibike variants. See our Granzella Content Update article for more details.

JAM Games expand their Race On collection with new outfit variants and a new furniture bundle.


Game Mechanics have created sofa swings which actually swing, one for 2 people and one for 4 people (each chair only taking up 3 furniture slots).


The Lockwood Gift Machine and store has updated this week with new glowing earrings.

nDreams have created new Anti-Grav boots, Plush Pony companions, a new FUBAR update and Cosmic Corner & Carla’s Coffee Shop.

Carla’s Coffee Shop is located in the heart of the City and is the perfect place to catch up with old friends. The Classic bundle comes with 19 classic nDreams products to help decorate your new apartment. The Premium bundle coms with 9 more recent nDreams products.


VEEMEE have new Billabong clothing available today as well as new HGL content.

Visit the Home Grown Laboratory and check out the new Creature outfits (male and female). Now you can be a Troop, Critter, Sonic or Undead with full body animations. And don’t miss the new HGL Mini-Creature companions. The massive HGL Creatures you know and love weren’t the only experiment run by the Home Grown Laboratory. Designed to live in underground tunnel networks; these are the perfect mini-me companions. Each “Creature Costume” or “Mini-Creature” purchased gives the owner an additional 20 free-pays of HGL if they do not already have access to the game.


Finally, x7 updates with new preview content, featuring new Billabong clothing and Lockwood head accessories.

Source: NA Blog


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  • @tonydamiani

    Good Update :)



    • What the Duece, man?

      Potatoes. Irish's worst enemy.

  • OMNISaGameSlayer

    ahh , i dont mean to complain, i love sony, playstation, home, and alpha zone4! And i know an error on PSHome does have anything to do with aplha zone 4, but its MUCH easier to get the word out here, and yes i will fight through the 'threads' n 'forums' to state: I spent 15$ on home first thing this morning and gonna spend more, when i didnt get my Carla's Coffee shop (got the classic bundle-but no apt) and Cosmic Corner apt. ahh- ik could be worse.

    • Cubehouse

      This is apparently now fixed in the US, something on Home's end messed up apartment buying. EU fix coming soon.

      • OMNISaGameSlayer

        im glad some can purchase them now, but still LOTS, including me that still have no 'fun' sized apts. — i know sony and home are good about finally getting them to me. they need to hire me to troubleshoot common problems that occur after updates.

        • vickyholly

          Buy any item an carla's place will appear. Same thing happened to me .

  • SunBunz

    They DIDN'T show that Jason mask! Wonder why lol

  • vickyholly

    Please Please Please . Pretty Please Fix Wardrobe. Driving me crazy .Have to go to storage every time i come on PSN grrrrrrr

    • vickyholly

      USA only……UK is fine Y????