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Juggernaut Games Content Preview – Emerald Isle Adventure Pack and Bramblenook Farmyard Bundle

March 4th, 2013 | 3 comments

This week from Juggernaut Games, the Bramblenook Farmyard Bundle – including baby and adult versions of the farmyard animals and more!

… the Chicken Coop, Sheepfold and Pigsty active items (6 slots each). These active items release baby chicks, lambs and piglets that wander all around any personal space.

Coming soon from Juggernaut Games, Home is going green! These new Active Items from Juggernaut will be available in the near future (date to be confirmed).

New Active Items:

  • Essence of the Emerald Isle (8 slots) – Bring the essence of Éire to any personal space! This active item causes clover covered hills to appear around your personal space – also sets the mood with Irish music!
  • Butterfly Perch (4) – This active item seats three avatars and attracts butterflies.
  • Rainbow Maker (7) – This active item creates rainbows in any personal space. Keep an eye out for a pot of gold!
  • Shamrock Table (4) – Seats 4 for an Irish feast!
  • Gift of the Irish (1) – Contains a gift for you and your guests.

The bundle also includes:

  • Hover Shamrock LMO
  • Irish Jig Animation Pack
  • Paddy the Pot o’ Gold Companion
  • Leprechaun Hat (Male & Female)
  • Leprechaun Buckle Shoes (Male & Female)
  • Shillelagh (Male & Female)


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  • vickyholly

    Awwww Love my Farm . Can't wait. Irish I am hehehe.

    • What the deuce, man?

      Help, cubes! My crops withered and my cattle be striken with Mad Cow Disease. ;_;

      • Cubehouse

        Back to farming school for you.