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Granzella Content Update 6th March 2013 – Football, Goths, Street Dance and more

March 4th, 2013 | 21 comments

This week from Granzella, Europe and America get the new football clothing and locomotion collection, all regions get new gothic clothing and Asia release a new dance pack and more!

America and Europe – Football Clothing and Locomotion

  • Football Uniform, Top (9Colors, Men & Women)
  • Football Uniform, Bottom (9Colors, Men & Women)
  • Football Boots (9Colors, Men & Women)
  • Locomotion – Soccer Dribbling & Juggling Set

Let’s play football! Uniforms and Locomotion items have arrived!

Granzella introduces the Football Uniform series and the Football Dribbling & Juggling Set.

Cool football player uniforms and Locomotion items to enjoy the action of football are also available! Tops, bottoms, and shoes are each available in 9 colours. Choose any combination to make a uniform of your own!

The Locomotion items have a dynamic dribbling action and a brilliant juggling action. With cool ball handling like this, you’re sure to brag to your friends.

Well, let’s play some football!

Europe, America, Japan and Asia – Cute Goth Loli


  • Cute Goth Loli Set (2Colors, Women)
  • Cute Goth Loli Umbrella 2-piece Set (2Colors)

Cute, sweet Lolita fashion has arrived!

Granzella introduces the new Cute Goth/Sweet Loli Sets and the new Cute Goth/Sweet Loli Parasol 2-piece Sets. Following the sale of the Chic Goth Loli Set, this is the second stage of the Gothic Lolita series.

Instead of a grown-up elegant design like the Chic Goth Loli Set, the new Cute Goth/Sweet Loli Sets have a sweet, pretty, girlish design. Available in pink(Sweet) and navy(Goth), this 6 piece set includes the Ribbon Headdress, Loli Dress (with and without tights), Ribbon High Heel Pumps (with and without tights), and a hairstyle.

To coordinate with each set, pink comes with the Curly Pigtails Hairstyle, and navy comes with the Hanging Waves Hairstyle.

Additionally, perfect for the Gothic Lolita look, is the locomotion Parasol, when used you’ll be able to float in the air. An umbrella stand is also included as furniture.

The loveliness of innocence. How about dressing in cute Lolita fashion?

America – New Minibike Variations


  • Locomotion – 2-wheeled Minibike Set

New colors for the popular locomotion 2-wheeled Minibike are here!

Granzella introduces new colors for the 2-wheeled Minibike!

11 color variations have been added to the locomotion 2-wheeled Minibike. The additional colors include red, blue, green, yellow, black, and white, as single colors, and blue, green, silver grey, black, and yellow in combinations with white.

So choose your color and hit the road for a ride!

Asia – Cat Lady, Sweaters, Street Dance and Witchcraft Locomotion


  • Cat Lady 5-piece Set (5Colors, Women)

Granzella introduces the new Cat Lady 5-piece Set.

Transform into a cute and sexy Cat Lady! This 5 piece set includes a tube top with a collar, mini skirt with a tail, long gloves, ruffle tights with high heels, and cat ears. Available in black, white, red, pink, and leopard print.

You’re sure to be quite charming wearing these cute ears and tail.

  • High-neck Sweater & Checkered Miniskirt Set (3Colors, Women)

Cute, feminine clothing from Granzella has arrived!
The High-neck Sweater has a cute and simple design that matches anything.
The Checkered Miniskirt is a staple item that maximized feminine appeal.
The High-neck Sweater & Checkered Miniskirt Set is available in combinations.
Perfect for those who are looking for a cute outfit!


  • AVAN – Street dance

Granzella introduces the Street Dance gesture item.

Enjoy using the Street Dance gesture item anywhere! By pressing the R1 button and selecting Street Dance, you can freely choose from 6 possible actions. Choose from Backflip, Frontflip, Head Spin, Scratch Spin, Backspin, and Crouching Roll. Also, when moving forward you’ll make a forward diving roll. There’s no doubt you’ll stand out.

On the streets or at clubs you’ll grab the attention of those around and never get served again!


  • Locomotion – Witchcraft mantle (2Colors)

The Magical Flying Cloak

Granzella introduces the Magic Cloak, a new locomotion item.

The Magic Cloak has arrived! Now you can float in the air as you move. Float like a cloud in the air, and feel the exhilaration of gliding like the wind. You can accelerate by pressing the □ button. The cloak is available in both red and purple.

Float like the wind wearing this cloak and fly around the lounge!



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  • it's called soccer

    It's not football its soccer get your sports right calling soccer football is just an insult to the grate American sport of football

    • Cubehouse

      Fun fact: Football was called football before America existed.

      • Nikki Wright

        Soccer = Football
        American Football = Handegg


      • KUMA-NIN

        Actually, the sport itself has numerous incarnations that pre-date the creation of the United States. But as I said to the person you also responded to, the names "Football" and "Associated Football" did not become the official name until 6 years prior to American Football being created. And even then, American Football is a fusion of Rugby and Football.

        Oh, and the "great sport" he likes is under fire for not posting the factual ramifications the players are facing. I honestly think that playing Rugby is safer these days. ^^;

    • KUMA-NIN

      Compliments of Wikipedia: "Association football, commonly known as football or soccer, is a sport played between two teams of typically eleven players, though other variations in player numbers such as 5 and 7 are also played, with a spherical ball. At the turn of the 21st century, the game was played by over 250 million players in over 200 countries, making it the world's most popular sport." … "Games revolving around the kicking of a ball have been played in many countries throughout history, such as woggabaliri in Australia, harpastum in the Roman Empire, and cuju in China. The modern rules of association football are based on the mid-19th century efforts to standardise the widely varying forms of football played in the public schools of England. The history of football in England dates back to at least the eighth century."

      And… "American football evolved from early forms of rugby (particularly rugby union) and association football (soccer), with the first game played on November 6, 1869."

      In other words, while I will not critique your lack of punctuation marks, and misspelling of "great," I will point out that "The Football Association" predates "American Football" by an estimated 6 years. Hence, the sport was officiated the name "Football" before American football was. And the only reason why it became known as soccer in the states it because the sport did not become popular enough until years (or later) down the road after American football became the norm.

    • ddid

      ummm, in Different countries they call it a -FootBall- go look it up!!

    • What the deuce, man?

      This i yet another poorly translated product from Asia.

    • Ravenwing88

      If you look at the translation all over the world, America is the ONLY country to call it soccer. To everyone else, it's football. Stick to calling it American Football, it's easier lol

      • parodygm

        Not exactly true, it's definitely referred to as soccer in New Zealand where football is a grey area that is often used to refer to rugby.

    • Alexandra

      It's called soccer in USA but in the uk it's called FOOTBALL!

  • Guest

    I will definitely buy the blue lolita dress and the blue umbrella.. ribbons are so cute. I thionk Granzella will have a great success with these typical japanese girls outfit.. As always Granzella offers great stuff <3

  • Guest

    do u know how much the new cute goth outfits cost?

  • Guest

    hey how much are the cute loli goth outfits do u know?

    • vickyholly

      I'm hearing the Wardrobe is fixed. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mayu Mindkiller

    lets hope they fixed the warbode resetting errrors this week

  • vickyholly

    GZ thanks you are always with it. Konami your Fashionista clothes line was the best. Please keep the Fashionista line coming
    Thanks . Love your fashions.

  • Ravenwing88

    If only I could get a sky blue shirt with Dzeko 10 on the back.

  • guest

    eh i hope its fixed for u anyways. for me i still come back on home a preset everyday and my clothes get thrown into storage at least once a day

    • vickyholly


  • myticketin

    Football is a competition-able game. I like much the football game. Sometimes I play this game with my friends so I'm pleased to get information about football uniform. Now I can able collect some football clothes for own-self.