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PlayStation Home Worldwide Content Updates – 27th February 2013

February 27th, 2013 | 14 comments

This week in PlayStation Home around the world.


  • Juggernaut Games Bramblenook Farm
  • New nDreams Dance Moves
  • Lockwood Superpower Locomotions
  • Granzella Football Clothing and Locomotion in Japan

See below for full new content listings.

– New Store Items –

New European Content


New European Content:

  • Juggernaut Games Bramblenook Farm
  • Lockwood Superpowers
  • nDreams Dance Moves, Gestures and Chameleo Clothing
  • Wrangler Clothing Update
  • Konami Raver Clothing
  • Granzella Cat Lady, Hina Doll and MiniBikes
  • Peakvox Ninja Furniture

Full Update List

New American Content


New American Content:

  • Juggernaut Games Branblenook Farm
  • Peakvox Ninja Clothing
  • Granzella Wizards, Cat Lady, Hina Doll and new Clothing
  • nDreams Dance Moves, Gestures and Chameleo Clothing
  • Lockwood Superpower Locomotions
  • Konami Raver Clothing
  • X7 Preview Items – Lockwood Earrings and Billabong Clothing

Full Update List

New Japanese Content


New Japanese Content:

  • Granzella Football Gear, Locomotion and MInibikes
  • New Peakvox Clothing
  • Lockwood Fairytale Clothing
  • Hellfire Games IdolStyle Hairstyles
  • Winter Garden Furniture
  • GAW Outfit and Furniture
  • Shoei’s Kingdom Person

Full Update List

New Asian Content


New Asian Content:

  • Granzella Cowboy Gear, Racing Clothing, Hina Dolls and Furniture
  • nDreams Stick Men, Dance Moves, Gestures and Chameleo Clothing
  • VEEMEE Billabong Clothing, Modular Kitchen items and Medieval Furniture Collection
  • Lockwood Superpower Locomotions

Full Update List

– Top Items From Last Week –

Based on the votes placed in the Item Database over the last week only

Europe (614 votes)

1 : White Pearl Shoes RaceOn! (female)

2 : Sparkly Purple Shoes RaceOn! (female)

3 : Chic Goth Loli Set (White) (female)

4 : Pink RaceOn Bundle (female)

America (538 votes)

1 : Chic Goth Loli Set (White) (female)

2 : Chic Goth Loli Set (Black) (female)

3 : Chic Goth Loli Parasol 2-piece Set (Black) (female)

4 : Stick People – Black With White Outline (male)


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  • Aj Lee

    when is home gonna fix the resetting of the stuff?

    • @AnthonyPolito

      soon i hope

    • Jessica Yavorsky-Kyker

      Hey soon I hope just curious what your psn name is?

  • guest

    They need to create a special store for items thats real popular, with the home community. Sorta like a LAST CHANCE shop, where the home community can buy items for 1/2 the original price since they didn't get them the first time..

  • readytorelease

    I was on twitter and seen that you said we can get a Dust514 vehical but you never told us if this is on HOME or through the Dust514 game, I replied on twitter and I decided to come here to ask also so I hope you read this to let me know, thanks for the info.

    • Cubehouse

      The poster says go to the Dusk 514 space, so you should head to the Dusk514 space in Home to learn more. Hopefully it is fairly obvious that the vehicle is for the Dusk 514 game.

      • @AnthonyPolito

        to get the vehicle you have to win a game of slay and watch all the videos

  • @Strider367

    Jp Home update, kingdom of england person? It doesn't translate to that at all. Call it "SHOW A" instead.

    To Aj Lee it has been fixed in Jp Home already. There just to lazy to do anything right around here…

    • Cubehouse

      I don't know what a "show a" is, we just go on what we're given and do not have access to translations. We aim to simply make it understandable for English speakers.

  • @Strider367

    Just saying cube it doesn't mean kingdom of england at all. That's a very bad program translation. They call it SHOW A for our benefit..

    • Cubehouse

      Ah! I thought you were complaining about our use of the word "person". Will look into it.

  • Chineko

    Anyone know why the Gothic Lolita Dresses from Granzella are disappeared for EU? ._.

  • Somegirl

    This is way off subject, I got a pair of white fluffy boots from a winter quest a year or two back, they go with everything, I love them. I was wondering maybe we could get a quest for some black ones? Doubtful but I thought I'd ask. :)

  • youwasthinkingit

    knomani's go go outfits are the bomb… home goes topless… what were they thinking lol.. just find a hottie and go ghost, u will get the best display of perky bewbies home probally will ever see. A real over sight on someones part at knomani, but hey! keep up the good work. my pair looks fantastic