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NA Heads Up – Bramblenook Farm, Casino Gifting, Dance Packs, Dream Central and much more

February 27th, 2013 | 4 comments

This week in the NA PlayStation Home update, Juggernaut Games are releasing their new Bramblenook Farm.

This week, Juggernaut Games releases the Bramblenook Farm personal space. Relax and get back to nature in this charming country farm! You can raise plants and animals to improve your farming skills. Chop wood and level your woodworking skills to create furnishings for yourself or to gift to a guest. You can also place crafted furniture items in Bramblenook Farm for no furniture cost!

Also this week, nDreams have new animation and gesture packs, as well as the new Chameleo Mannequin and T-Shirt Collections. You can see much more detail (including price lists) in our nDreams content update article.

Lockwood have created the new Dream Central public space, a portal linking to all the Dream apartments and allowing you to preview the apartments on the screens as well as upcoming Dream apartments. Lockwood also have new Locomotion Superpowers, which you can see in action in our Lockwood content update.

VEEMEE have created new clothing content for the Billabong range in Home, featuring new hats, shorts, hoodies, tops, jackets and dresses.


Peakvox have created new clothing for Peakvox Ninjas to enhance their actions. Also make sure you check out the Peakvox Labs which launched last week.

Konami have expanded their Raver collection with new Gogo Girls.


Home Tycoon gets an update this week with the new Ocean Breeze Building Pack.


This new pack unlocks four festive residential buildings: the Sea Shell Cottages, Blue Mist Lodges, Oceanview Condos, and Wave Break Estate. Spruce up your beachfront property in Home Tycoon today!

Granzella have a very large update this week, featuring the Hina Doll, Wizards, Lei Pareo. You can check out all the parts of their update in our Granzella content update.

Digital Leisure have updated the Casino with a new gifting terminal, allowing you to send token packs to your friends! For the first week, you’ll receive an additional 10% of the tokens gifted for yourself! Digital Leisure have also updated the aquariums with new decorations, including pirate ship, battleship, cannon and treasure chest.


Finally, the x7 gets an update with new preview items from Billabong, VEEMEE’s HGL and Lockwood Earrings.

Source: NA Blog


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    Been waiting on a update like this one! Thank you!

  • A8te_Ball

    This game is still buggy. I tried to use the ledger to buy a farm animal and it stopped working. Ichopped some wood and made some furniture. That worked the first time but the second time I tried it it didn't remember the amount of wood that I chopped. Don't waste your money until they fix it.

    • What the deuce, man?

      Maybe you're just becoming senile and cannot recall the correct amount of wood. Hey, just brainstorming here.:*

  • @AnthonyPolito

    there is no free shoes for guys at x7 so why does video say there is?