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EU Heads Up – Bramblenook Farm, Superpowers, Ocean Breezes, Dance Moves and much more

February 26th, 2013 | 2 comments

This week in the EU PlayStation Home update, Bramblenook Farm is launching, allowing you to live the good life in the countryside.

This week, Juggernaut Games releases the Bramblenook Farm personal space. Relax and get back to nature in this charming country farm! You can raise plants and animals to improve your farming skills. Chop wood and level your woodworking skills to create furnishings for yourself or to gift to a guest. You can also place crafted furniture items in Bramblenook Farm for no furniture cost!

Lockwood have a series of Superpower Locomotions and the new Dream Central space this week, which you can read more about in our Lockwood Content Update.

Digital Leisure have a new decoration pack for aquariums this week, allowing you to add new items to your tanks, such as a battleship, pirate ship, cannon and treasure chest. You can now also gift other users token packs in The Casino! For the first week only, gifting a user tokens will result in a 10% of additional tokens for yourself.


nDreams have new animation and gesture packs this week, which were motion captured at Pinewood Studios. They also have new Chameleo Mannequin and T-Shirts which constantly change pattern. See more in our nDreams Content Update article.

Home Tycoon introduces the Ocean Breeze Building Pack, unlocking new buildings such as Sea Shell Cottage, Blue Mist Lodges, Oceanview Condos and Wave Break Estate.


Konami have expanded their Raver line with new clothing items.


The Wrangler store has updated it’s collection with new designs including shirts, jeans and jackets.


Peakvox are releasing new furniture items from the Ninja theme.

Finally, Granzella have new Cat Lady clothing, Knitted clothing and even new Minibike varients, which you can see more of in our Granzella Content Update article.

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  • Crystal

    i hope the Farm apartment isnt gonna be pricey

  • Guthix

    Tbh the farm place is not bad, yet im still thinking of purchasing it..