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PlayStation Home Worldwide Content Updates – 23rd January 2013

January 23rd, 2013 | 6 comments

This week in PlayStation Home around the world.


  • Atom Republic Exomechs in EU
  • Juggernaut Games Instant Classy Date in EU
  • Lockwood Drey Noire Clothing in all regions
  • Galaxy Express Clothing and Furniture item in NA

See below for full new content listings.

– New Store Items –

New European Content


New European Content:

  • Atom Republic ExoMechs, Hoverbikes and Ringbikes
  • Juggernaut Games Instant Classy Date
  • Lockwood Drey Noire
  • New Wrangler Clothing
  • New Granzella Clothing, Street Dances, Wings and Winter Teahouse Update

Full Update List

New American Content


New American Content:

  • Galaxy Express Clothing and Vault Door
  • Lockwood Drey Noire Clothing
  • Granzella Locomotive Locomotion, Street Moves, Capes and Wings
  • Atom Republic Pulp Star Dance Moves
  • X7 Preview Items

Full Update List

New Japanese Content


New Japanese Content:

  • Granzella Clothing, Glasses and Wings
  • Peakvox Jackets and Wings
  • Lockwood Jewel of the Skies. Flying Carpets and Drey Noire Collection

Full Update List

New Asian Content


New Asian Content:

  • Lockwood Drey Noire Collection
  • Granzella Swimming Suits
  • Veemee Oscar’s Lobster Mania and Supa-Fun-Robo-Goalie-Beach-Time Apartment

Full Update List

– Top Items From Last Week –

Based on the votes placed in the Item Database over the last week only

Europe (375 votes)

1 : LMO – Mustang – Black

2 : Venice Beach – King of the Beach (male)

3 : LMO – Mustang – Palomino

4 : LMO – Bladestream Corp: V1000B

America (403 votes)

1 : LMO – Mustang – Black

2 : Pajama Set (Flower Pattern on Pink) (female)

3 : Venice Beach – King of the Beach (male)

4 : Dreaming Bed Three Piece Set


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  • guest

    Hey the new update is up uh Valentines Day is comming up Ya think we can get a little bit more ROMANTICAL?

  • What the deuce, man?

    No worries. You don't have a valentine to start with.

  • @AnthonyPolito

    thanks alphazone for the info on The Prairie rewards

  • jerg

    for the valintines day u think u could put a room options kissing takeing clothes off and tht ?

    • jerg

      is there some1 who has tokens add me if u do i need unicorn x_Boss_HWC_x ty

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