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AlphaZone4 PlayStation Home Awards 2012 – Voting

December 24th, 2012 | 8 comments

Hi all!

Apologies with the delay in getting our voting form live on the website, we hit some technical issues and some seriously long discussions about nominations.

On that note, thank you for all your nominations! Over 2,000 items were nominated in various categories, which we’ve painstakingly gone over to work out the top choices in each area. This data was also combined with ratings on our site and other data¬†sources. Note that some categories differ for Europe and America, based on ratings and nominations from users in different regions.

Please vote for your favourite things in Home for 2012. We’ll be hosting an award ceremony in early January, once the voting has closed. This is where we’ll announce the winners.

Thank you for a wonderful year in PlayStation Home. Merry Christmas to everyone and we look forward to an even more awesome year in 2013.

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  • John

    Already voted, good luck everyone

    • Chairman Hippo

      Thanks for the good luck. I'll need it.

  • Mika

    Voted, but when are the rewards for xi continnum coming for item database? Or are there no rewards for it.
    *sorry for bad english.* and i know this isn't the right article but i'm just asking.

  • Crystal Smith

    home is broken nobodys doing nothing to fix it

    • RenegadeXtreme

      I think most of the Home team are not back from the holidays until tomorrow :(

      • Paul Rennie

        Bit late notice. But it all seems to be fixed now.

        • Oh Herro Prease!

          Everyone! You're welcome. :*


    My favorite thing on home was crystal island space swim with the Fish