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AlphaZone4 Christmas Party – Saturday 22nd December 8pm (GMT)

December 21st, 2012 | 15 comments

Come join us in Home for the AlphaZone4 Christmas Party. We will have some fun games, a Christmas themed quiz, and some gifts to hand out from Santa Claus.


To attend, request a club invite to AZ4 Events 30 minutes before the event starts. We will be hosting the event in our Basic Clubhouse. Therefore, all regions of Home users are welcome to attend. Space will be limited though. So you need to be quick. Any invitation requests sent before the time stated below, will be declined.


The party will be starting at Saturday 22nd December 20:00 (GMT – London Time). We will start accepting requests from 19:30 (GMT – London Time). No sooner.


Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook feed for any further announcements or changes to the event. Feel free to pop into our chatroom if you have any questions.


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  • wiem

    hey i'm waouma10 , i cant aitt for it

    • Mz_DRT

      Hey waouma10 I know u it's DRTmusic

  • MHX

    The last event I tried to get an invite it was ignored…

    • Cubehouse

      Sorry, you were likely too late (clubhouse was full) or you may have requested an invite too early. We ensure we accept the first join requests from the time we announce to make it as fair as possible.
      Please make sure you check timezones, and sorry if we get full up too quick :)

      • MHX

        I request it on the dot lol, 730 gmt 230est exactly

        • Cubehouse

          Well I'm sorry if you didn't get into the last one, we'll be in our chat room shortly before we start accepting requests if you are wanting to ask us anything.

  • McGinnis81

    What time would the be, in the states, eastern time??

    • Cubehouse

      Add the number of hours of your timezone to the event time in GMT.

  • Matthew Lipke

    what that time in Canada

  • Katie

    I'm not impressed worth the Christmas we are having this year, I have waited all year long for another quest, to find out.. I have to wait and see if I'm accepted in a clubhouse? This isn't fair, considering how much money is spent on the playstation community, by its community. I agree with the guy who states he wasn't accepted, I'm sure we are two of many who didn't get accepted.. Come on Sony, put a little more thought in to it next year. Make it fair for everyone.
    My opinion..

    • Cubehouse

      Hi, this is a fansite and this event is very much an event by AlphaZone4 and not Sony.

  • @tonydamiani

    Can't wait :)

  • Jim

    I think it's great that you guys host a Christmas party. I won't be able to be there, but putting in this extra effort for your fans is really nice. I don't think you owe me anything just by my mere existence, and giving the opportunity for a small number of your fans to come to your clubhouse is a compliment to all of us. Have a merry one, AZ4!

  • jokezcruadam

    OMG! That was amazing. I had a good time hope to do this next year and also would like to merry christmas to all

  • MHX

    That was fun, thanks AZ4 xD