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PlayStation Home Worldwide Content Updates – 19th December 2012

December 19th, 2012 | 17 comments

This week in PlayStation Home around the world.


  • nDreams Heels (EU), Broomsticks, Hoverbikes and Sports Locomotions (US & JP)
  • Cutthroats Hideaway Apartment in US
  • Winter Wonderland Apartment in EU
  • Juggernaut Games Active Item Collection in EU and US
  • Peakvox Ninja in EU
  • Arctic Voyage Giftable Apartment from Lockwood

See below for full new content listings. Store listings updated on Friday when my PS3 is back from repair.

– New Store Items –

New European Content


New European Content:

  • Winter Wonderland Apartment
  • Digital Leisure Pet Shop
  • Lockwood Party Clothing Collection
  • nDreams Heels Locomotion
  • Juggernaut Games Active Item Collection
  • Konami Tattoos, Dance Moves and new Secret Agents Outfits
  • Age of Swords Clothing and Companion
  • Avalon Keep King’s Chambers Add-On
  • LOOT Forsaken Planet Content
  • Peakvox Ninja Clothing and Game Add-Ons
  • Granzella Swimming Aids and Swimwear

Full Update List

New American Content


New American Content:

  • Cutthroats Hideaway Apartment
  • Lockwood Uproar Hoodies
  • Heavy Water Emo Ray Mission Pack 2
  • Codeglue Leggings
  • Konami Tattoos, Dance Moves and new Secret Agent Outfits
  • nDreams Journey to the West clothing, Hover Bikes, Broomsticks, Heels and Sports Locomotions
  • PS Talent JUNK GUY
  • Atom Republic RadPetz Companions
  • Granzella Swimming Aids and Free Xmas Gifts
  • YECK Companions
  • Festive DOMO Companions
  • LOOT Forsaken Planet Items
  • Game Mechanics Furniture Collection
  • Juggernaut Games Active Item Collection
  • New x7 Shoes and Bundle

Full Update List

New Japanese Content


New Japanese Content:

  • 009: Cyborg Hair
  • SCEJ Hat and Shoes
  • Codeglue Santa on Reindeer Costume
  • New peakvox Priest/Nun Style Clothing
  • Lockwood Party Clothing Pack, Wings, Poses and Ridable Lion
  • GAW Ornaments
  • Granzella Swimming Aids, Furniture and Locomotion Item
  • nDreams Broomsticks, Sports and Hover Bike Locomotions

Full Update List

New Asian Content


New Asian Content:

  • Granzella Christmas Swimwear
  • Lockwood Party Clothing Collection
  • nDreams Xi: Continuum and Heels
  • VEEMEE Go Fish Apartment
  • YECK Companions

Full Update List

– Top Items From Last Week –

Based on the votes placed in the Item Database over the last week only

Europe (327 votes)

1 : Arabian Carpet – Ameerah

2 : Holiday Music Box (Silver)

3 : The Ameerah (female)

4 : Shikra Incense Burner – Gold

America (469 votes)

1 : The Ameerah (female)

2 : Shikra Incense Burner – Gold

3 : Holiday Music Box (Silver)

4 : Sexy Santa Outfit (female)


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  • Ross Highfield

    i keep getting an error when i try ti buy the new apartment why is this?

    • Cubehouse

      I don't know, what was the error?

      • Ross Highfield

        the error im getting is for the cuttroats hideaway aprtment the eorror is 0x80023111 saying ive been dissectoned but i re enter the store and i keep getting it ive tryed deleteing home and re installing it but no luck

        • Cubehouse

          Please try Googleing the error code for other people that have had similar issues. There are a lot of solutions out there.

  • @tonydamiani

    Im getting the same Error thats why I haven't put the price in the Database. =

  • Milereb

    Gave me a small heart attack when I didnt see the candles and 80" LED TVs in here. Thanks for that!

    But they are in Home, just not in New & recommended. :/

    • Cubehouse

      Will be added to update lists as soon as my PS3 is fixed and I can complete the store listings.
      US do not generate their New & Recommended section properly, it's full of around 80% of the new items, plus a whole lot of other random items from the past 2 years.

  • Jodie Pip'er

    im haveing problems i purchessed the santa Bkini and it isnt showing up dose anyone no y ?

    • londongirl22

      Try ur wardrobe stored items that is gna come up grey nd u will find it there..

    • Luxury Angel

      I'm having same problems after i purchessed the santa bkini not showing up in my wardrobe :/
      really hope cubehouse know why santa bkini not showing in my wardrobe?

      • Cubehouse

        Hi, I have no idea :) You should really contact the official Home support.

  • Milereb

    I know, but the three week struggle to get them out sent me into sheer fits of panic :p

  • @AnthonyPolito

    Gold Accented Dress Shoes for x7 it doesn't say anything when you click on it.

  • Amiee Cookie Hunter

    will there be a home update this week?

    • Cubehouse

      Nope. It's Christmas! Next update January 9th

      • Amiee Cookie Hunter

        thank you fro telling me i thought id ask :)

        • Cubehouse

          No problem, have a good Christmas!