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Peakvox heading to Europe and America soon

December 18th, 2012 | 5 comments

Japanese PlayStation Home developers Peakvox are soon to launch in the European and North American regions of Home!

Peakvox have created a number of very successful spaces in Japan, such as the Peakvox Ninja space and their own Peakvox Labs.

Peakvox are intending on first releasing their Peakvox Ninja series, followed by their Peakvox Labs, including a series of mini-games.

We have a trailer for Peakvox Ninja below. Let us know what you think! It’s great to see some really innovative developers translating and developing their content for other regions and we look forward to checking it out! (in English)

No dates yet, we’ll let you know when they’re on the way.


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  • Bakujin57


  • ravekev

    samurai will kick ninja butt any day

  • skull213

    now i would know what to mix in that one game where you make pets.

  • skull213

    now ill know what to mix in that one game where you make alien pets.:)