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NA Heads Up – Atari’s, Christmas, Festive Domo, Arctic Voyages, Leggings and much more

December 18th, 2012 | 5 comments

This week in the NA PlayStation Home update, Home is celebrating Atari’s 40th birthday! It’s unclear what’s occuring in Home, but head over to the Action District where Atari seems to be spreading…

This fall, Atari celebrated its 40th birthday—longer than many of us have been alive! And something is invading the Action District that looks like retro fun could be on the horizon. What does it mean? We shall find out…


Since it’s Christmas, Home are dressing up the core spaces and even created the Holiday Ball event, where you can earn XP and participate in tasks.

Take on the role of a distinguished party guest and become both spectator and participant in events at the Holiday Ball. Head to the island first thing Wednesday and get your first reward, a stylish mask to help you slip into character. Throughout the rest of the holiday, play your role and earn XP while dancing, dueling, voting on each others’ fashion sense in a costume parade, kissing under mistletoe, and more.


Pier Park has also got a change of appearance, instead going for the slightly darker approach, with a hint of burning sky and big black triangles everywhere… any ideas?


Hellfire Games are having a sale in Home Tycoon this week, with 40% off the Stunt Pack and 35% off the Luxury Life Tower. There are also two new zoo animal cars available this week, the Pink Bear and Silver Giraffe.


All we really want for Christmas is a Domo dressed as santa. This week, 6 new Domo companions are available in various costumes, including Santa, Ice, Ghost and Mummy!

Granzella are ending the year with some swimming floats and winter events. Check out the full Granzella update in our content update article from yesterday.

New guys Game Mechanics are releasing a collection of new furniture, adding to their racing themed Contender series.

Game Mechanics has you covered with more cool stuff for your personal spaces and clubs. Adding to their Contender Series are a Racing Chair, a matching Racing Couch, plus a coffee table and an end table each made out of an engine block. They have an ice filled cooler made from a tire, a sports canopy, tailgate chairs, plus chairs and couches made from the front end of a bug car. Last, but not least, they have a fully functional grill that is carved out of an engine block.
In addition they are also introducing their new Elegant Line of more stylish furniture pieces for those with a more wealthy taste. They have an Elegant Chair and Sofa, plus table/chair combos and an Elegant Canopy to keep your friends from being exposed to the elements when you entertain. The featured item is an Elegant Dining Table that you can configure with 1 to 4 place settings. You can also change the color of the tablecloth to one of four colors.


Juggernaut Games are releasing another series of quality active items.

Ring in the New Year in style with Juggernaut Games! The PartyMachine 2013 active item (5 slots) is the ideal DJ and comes with a great selection of party music! Bring life to the party with the Party Spotlight (5 slots), a unique customizable spotlight packed with tons of features. Celebrate the big moment with the Confetti Bomb (6 slots), which showers your guests with multi-colored confetti (and may have some other surprises in store!) If you feel like dancing, the PartyMachine 2013 companion is the perfect partner.

Lockwood are releasing a giftable apartment! This apartment is only available through gifting for 768 tokens and includes 20 rewards.

It’s also party season at Lockwood: “Stun your friends with the new Zipper Dress from Lockwood, perfect for hitting the dance floor. For a subtle look go for The Sarah Hairstyle, or don the Party Top Hat available in black or sparkling purple – perfect for hitting the dance floor. For the guys there’s the Sharp Suit Jacket and Trousers, this funky cut will draw attention especially when finished off with Rose Tinted Glasses.”

Uproar also gets an update for Winter, including new weapons, taunts, rewards and a higher level cap. Also, head to the Uproar arena and get a free head tattoo.


Atom Republic are flying into the US Home this week with their first set of companions and jackets. These little guys will fly around, but ultimately perch on your shoulder for a little snooze when they get tired.


nDreams have new Journey to the West clothing and a Blueprint:Home update this week.

A Big update for Blueprint: Home this week — There are two new style packs available: Asian Fusion and Nightclub; two new Skies: Night Time and Chameleo and also two new environments: Snow Capped Mountains and City of the Future.
There has been an update to the lighting when inside the apartments making it better than ever. You can now select any floor or ceiling for use in any room and also an issue which aw furniture not fitting in some corners has been rectified.

Finally there is a range of furniture that is perfect for use in your Blueprint apartment. Create the garden of your dreams with the Great Outdoors Range including hedges to make amazing hedge mazes. Also available is a range of Patio furniture that will help complete your perfect Blueprint: Home.
This week also sees the release of outfits inspired by the classic Chinese novel Journey To The West. With four characters from the novel with different colour variants including a limited edition full body outfit for each one available for a short period of time there will be something for everyone.

Digital Leisure has updated the Casino with a new reward from the fountain, the Elizabeth Tower ornament.

Codeglue have a series of leggings available this week for the ladies, as well as a series of LED TV’s with mood light in a variety of shapes and sizes. Codeglue are also having a holiday sale in their store for the next few weeks (starting tomorrow), so head in to try and get some of their stand-out festive gear.

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