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EU Heads Up – Christmas, Peakvox, Pet Shop, Heels, Arctic Voyage, Forsaken Planet and much more

December 18th, 2012 | 6 comments

This week in the EU PlayStation Home update, Christmas is here!

Cold winds have blown into PlayStation Home and the mysterious and festive winter island has appeared again just off the coast of Pier Park. What wonders will it bring this year?

You are cordially invited to the 2012 Winter Holiday Ball where you can take on the role of a distinguished party guest! Earn XP while dancing, duelling, voting in a costume parade, kissing under mistletoe, and more. There’s also a blast from the past as you can pick up a personal space version of the Winter Wonderland.
Keep an eye on Pier Park on New Year’s Eve for the ultimate End of the World Year Party!

Japanese developers Peakvox are here sooner than we thought! This week Peakvox are releasing the Peakvox Ninja public space and a ton of accompanying items!

Digital Leisure are releasing their Pet Shop in the EU this week! Here you can buy new companions and fish to fill your interactive aquarium. You can even get a free Goldfish Tank just by visiting the space!

Additionally, Digital Leisure have released a new Penthouse furniture line that is only for people who reach Tier 10 with 1.5 million in total earnings in The Casino. Also added is a new reward to The Casino Fountain – which is now dishing out an Elizabeth Tower ornament.


Home Tycoon are having a sale this week, with 40% off the Stunt Pack and 35% off the Luxury Life Tower! Additionally, there are two new cars available, the Pink Bear and Silver Giraffe.


Lockwood are releasing their new giftable apartment! The Arctic Voyage is only available from the Gift Machine and features 20 rewards. Lockwood are also releasing new party dresses and an Uproar collection, adding new weapons, taunts, rewards and a level cap increase.

nDreams are releasing Locomotion heels this week, these shoes let you turn any shoe into high heels and even come with a new walking animation. Oh, and they work for men too.

LOOT are opening their Space Station Public Space this week, allowing you to watch free TV and movies. LOOT are also releasing Forsaken Planet items in Home, which gives you in-game upgrades for the actual Forbidden Planet game on PC and Android.


VEEMEE update their Age of Swords collection with new outfits, Wolfhound companion, Princess outfit and much more.


Konami are introducing a new series of avatar animations and tattoos, including Anime, Fighting and K-Pop dances.


Juggernaut Games party the end of the year with new active items:

Ring in the New Year in style with Juggernaut Games’ PartyMachine 2013 active item, an ideal DJ with a great selection of party music! Bring life to the party with the Party Spotlight and celebrate with the Confetti Bomb. If you feel like dancing, the PartyMachine 2013 companion is the perfect partner. Finally, pick up a Sparker LMO for a sparkling good time this New Year!

The Avalon Keep gets an update from Heavy Water, the King’s Chamber, including more owner only rewards and more rewards for guests to earn too.


Granzella are releasing swimming floats and giving their swimsuit collection a festive vibe, by making them white and red. Whilst they have also redecorated their Island Hideaway and Edo Lounge to be in Winter! Make sure you visit the Granzella store for more festive treats tomorrow though.


Home is also having a sale over the next few weeks, some items even 70% off! Check them out on the navigator.


Source: EU Blog


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  • Edvampire

    Awesome cant wait for winter wonderland 😀

  • Crystal Smith

    Look update hugs

  • glenn

    wow!!! what a big update!!!

  • Lordcray421

    Epic update .. happy christmas everyone .. loads of cool stuff 😀

  • Bio121

    Big update lots of problems again

  • Crystal Smith

    When's the winter wonderland space coming hugs