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PlayStation®Home Arcade – Play Home Arcade Machines on your PlayStation Vita

December 17th, 2012 | 1 comment

We’re not sure how we came to stumble across this. During our usual rummage around the PlayStation Store, we came across something called “PlayStation®Home Arcade” – which caught us by surprise!

What does this do? It’s an app for the PlayStation Vita that lets you play PlayStation Home arcade games on your Vita!


The interface for the app is super slick, as you can see from the images below, it is really well built for the Vita and loads very quickly.

You can play the following games for free just by downloading the app:

  • Wipeout 2D
  • Ice Breaker
  • Scribble Shooter (demo)

We’re unsure if rewards unlock by playing the Vita version, we seem to have all the rewards already… let us know if you get it working!

PlayStation Home Arcade on the PS Vita

By purchasing more games, they will unlock for not only the Vita, but also inside PlayStation Home! The store within the app doesn’t seem to work yet, so I’d be careful buying any cabinets directly within the app, since it might not be ready for public release. We were only able to load Scribble Shooters and Mad Blocker from our Home purchases so far.

We’re fairly sure this isn’t meant to be live yet, so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t properly work. We’ve been unable to find any announcement of this anywhere, but we think this is an absolutely fantastic sign of Home staying firmly on the PlayStation platform. You can find the link below to the PlayStation Store, it’s only 107MB.

Check out the store listing text and images below, all images are taken from our PS Vitas.


PlayStation Store listing:

Access and play a select range of PlayStation®Home arcade games on your PlayStation®Vita via the PlayStation®Home Arcade. Simply download the PS Home Arcade and instantly enjoy WipEout®2D, Ice Breaker, and a one-level playable demo of Scribble Shooter absolutely free of charge!

Once it is installed, adding any further games to the PS Home Arcade will enable them to be downloaded for free in PS Home for your PS Home apartment. We urge you to not try downloading more arcade games from within the application until this has been officially announced, as it’s unclear how functional the application is.

Likewise, any PS Home arcade games, available for the PS Home Arcade, purchased, or previously purchased, in PS Home will instantly be made available to play on the Vita via the PS Home Arcade.

Included with the player are:

  • Wipeout 2D: 4 tracks, 12 teams. Direct from the PlayStation®Home WipEout Museum space comes WipEout 2D, the top-down twist on Sony Computer Entertainment’s all-time classic anti-gravity racer.
  • Ice Breaker: Trapped behind an ice wall, pinned down by the snowballs of an irate eskimo… Take control of Penguin, smashing bricks with his perpetually bouncing ball. Lead him to freedom in this enduring favourite from the PlayStation®Home Bowling Alley space.
  • Scribble Shooter (one level playable demo): Welcome to the U.S.S. Hiro – paper-bound starship, eraser supreme, defender of the page! Over ten mind-bending missions, pilot Hiro beyond the fringes of insanity to erase the Scribbles and free the Paperverse from UggyNyxx; the roughest drawn doodle from this or any other another dimension.

Download for PlayStation Vita (European PlayStation Store)


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