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Granzella Content Update 19th December 2012 – Christmas Time

December 17th, 2012 | 8 comments


– Granzella’s Joyful Holiday 2012
– Christmas Swinsuit
– Swimming Floats
– Street Dance, Winter Sweets and Granzella Xmas event

– Granzella’s Joyful Holiday 2012

Granzella’s Joyful Holiday 2012
Let’s All Get together and Have Merry Holidays on PlayStation(R)Home

Starting this week, we will hold the “Granzella’s Joyful Holiday 2012” event for PlayStation Home in NA, EU, and Asia regions. (except at the “GZ Burger” personal space in Asia region).
Get together with your friends and have fun! Enjoy your holidays!

Let’s Have a Party and Spend Your Holidays with Friends!
New features to decorate for a party to be added to the personal space “GZ Burger”! What is more, a total of eight-piece must-have Home rewards, such as fried chicken and miniature a Christmas tree, will be available for FREE at the commerce point in the personal space! Invite your friends and surprise them with your overladen table for the feast!

& :

Celebrate the New Year with Friend in “Southern Island Hideaway” & “Great Edo of Nippon”!

Get together with your friends in “Southern Island Hideaway” “Great Edo of Nippon” on the New Year Eve and celebrate the New Year! You can choose either to gather together under the sky full of twinkling stars in the Southern Island Hideaway or in the Great Edo of Nippon now all dressed in snow”!

& & :

Just Launched Our First WEB Magazine “Granzella Magagine”! Check out Hot Topics about Granzella!

To coincide with the event, we have just launched a new content “Granzella Magazine”. It is published every so often and delivers latest information about PlayStaionR Home as well as hot news about new game releases. Please check it out!

Granzella Magazine Website:

Europe & Asia – (SCEE, SCEAsia)


  • Red and White Swimsuit Set (Bikini Type, Women)
  • Red and White Swimsuit Set (One-piece Type, Women)

Granzella introduces the Red and White Swimsuits Set.

Made with red and white materials, it’s the perfect swimsuit for December!

The Bikini Type set includes the Bikini Swimsuit, 3 Big Hats, and Short Boots. The One-piece Type set includes the One-piece Swimsuit, Long Boots, and 3 small hats. Both sets are made up of 5 pieces each.

It’s a snowy night in the city, go out in your red and white swimsuits!

Please note that these items are already been available in NA and JP.

North America, Europe & Japan – (SCEA, SCEE, SCEJ)

NA_EU_JP swimmingfloat_blog

  • Inner Tube Set (Aqua, Pink, Green, Yellow)
  • Swimming Float, Mat-shaped Set (Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green)
  • Swimming Float, Dolphin-shaped (Aqua, Pink, Black, Pink)

The Essentials of Sun Bathing Fun!
The Float Series has arrived.

Granzella introduces the Inner Tube and Swimming Float Series.

Able to be used while swimming at the Glittering Sands Beach, the Inner Tube and Swimming Float have arrived. One person can ride the Dolphin and Orca shaped Swimming Floats and the Mat shaped Swimming Float can be used by up to two people.

Each is available in aqua, pink, yellow, and green.

Additionally the Swimming Floats can also be used with Everyone’s Picture: On the Beach. Choose a pose on a Swimming Float, try taking a picture of yourself!

The beach is now more fun! Grab a Swimming Float and dive in!

Japan (SCEJ)


  • GST Street Dance
  • Authentic End of Day set
  • Quick and Easy End of Day set

“That’s my jam! Let’s Dance!”
Become a Dance Master!

Granzella introduces the Street Dance gesture item.

Enjoy using the Street Dance gesture item anywhere! By pressing the R1 button and selecting Street Dance, you can freely choose from 6 possible actions. Choose from Backflip, Frontflip, Head Spin, Scratch Spin, Backspin, and Crouching Roll. Also, when moving forward you’ll make a forward diving roll. There’s no doubt you’ll stand out.

On the streets or at clubs you’ll grab the attention of those around and never get served again!

  • Wagashi Japanese Winter Sweets 6-Piece set
  • Ikebana -Piece Set (wintersweet plum, narcissus, pine chloranthus)

Snow-covered Teahouse

Winter is coming to Granzella’s Japanese Teahouse Personal Space.

Snow flurries falls on the small, mountain secluded Teahouse among snow blanketed trees. When looking at the protective ropes on the trees and the frozen pond, a unique winter tranquility can be felt. Also, seasonal Japanese sweets and flower arrangements have arrived.

As the season changes, why not ponder your thoughts while taking in a moment of peace?

Also in Japan this week, the Granzella X’mas 2012!


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  • @tonydamiani

    OMG Awesome Update ! ! ! ! ! !

  • @AnthonyPolito

    its awesome update but no christmas event that's kinda sad :(

  • Crystal Smith

    Fair update

  • XperfectlyflawdX

    not to be a bad egg but innertubes in winter lol

  • Denim

    I can't believe that we've waited all season/year for PSH's Winter Event & Japan gets Christmas & we don't?! They're not even a Christian nation! I would've even paid good money for the island from last year even. At least make last year's event items available! Now they want us to pay for Wonderland at Tycoon for $3.! Thanks PSH, thanks

  • Julie Whalin

    How about some Christmas fossils. We haven't had a new fossil to complete our museums. Whats up with that. I need 8 fossils and 3 bones. When are you ever going to let us finish this up??????


    Awesome update, love the food. Already got the bikini's. Like the floaties;)

  • Tamama

    can we use the floats at the public beach or just the pesonal space…?