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PlayStation Home Worldwide Content Updates – 12th December 2012

December 12th, 2012 | 0 comments

This week in PlayStation Home around the world.


  • Xi: Continuum
  • Home Square Apartment in EU
  • Juggernaut Winter Pack
  • Digital Leisure Pet Store in US
  • Heavy Water Emo Ray Mission Pack

See below for full new content listings.

– New Store Items –

New European Content


New European Content:

  • Home Square Apartment
  • Xi: Continuum
  • Juggernaut Winter Pack
  • Jewel of the Skies Apartment
  • Atom Republic Penguins, Ring-Bikes and new Dances
  • Konami Gothic Clothing
  • Granzella Beds and Pyjamas

Full Update List

New American Content


New American Content:

  • Xi: Continuum
  • The Jewel of the Skies Apartment
  • Granzella Yukata and Swimwear
  • Konami Gothic Clothing
  • JAM Games Christmas Gear
  • Juggernaut Games Winter Pack
  • Digital Leisure Pet Shop
  • nDreams Locomotion and new BoxBeats
  • Heavy Water Emo Ray Mission Pack and Avalon Keep Add-On

Full Update List

New Japanese Content


New Japanese Content:

  • Oshaberi Winter Wonderland
  • Granzella Beds and Pyjamas
  • Peakvox Santa Clothing and Presents
  • Lockwood Iron Fusion Outfits
  • 009: Cyborg Hair
  • Codeglue Leggings, Candles and Frames
  • nDreams BoxBeats

Full Update List

New Asian Content


New Asian Content:

  • Granzella Beds and Pyjamas
  • Lockwood Jewel of the Skies
  • Billabong Clothing
  • Wrangler Clothing
  • nDreams BoxBeats

Full Update List

– Top Items From Last Week –

Based on the votes placed in the Item Database over the last week only

Europe (220 votes)

1 : Merry Christmas Frame

2 : Santa Outfit Bundle (female)

3 : Santa Hat (male)

4 : Sexy Santa Outfit (female)

America (149 votes)

1 : JAM Games Sweater (male)

2 : Snowman Snow Globe (male)

3 : Mrs Gingerbread (female)

4 : Mr Gingerbread (male)


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