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NA Heads Up – Xi: Continuum, Pet Shop, Christmas, Jewel of the Skies, BMX Bikes and much much more

December 11th, 2012 | 17 comments

This week in the NA PlayStation Home update, Xi2 is finally launching!

This week sees the release of Xi: Continuum. There have been many strange things going on in Home recently. It all seems to be coming to a head and this is the week when you need to come together to answer the question on everyone’s mind: What is the Continuum?

For those who get involved with Xi: Continuum from the start, the game will take place over 47 days with new content each day either in Home, on external websites or via community tasks. If you find yourself a bit behind or want to play it at your own pace you can do that as well. Xi: Continuum has been designed to appeal to everyone – those who love getting involved with others, but also for people who like to do things by themselves.

For those who missed out on experiencing Xi in 2009, now is your chance to see what all the fuss is about.

Heavy Water are releasing a new mission pack for Emo Ray this week, as well as the King’s Chambers addition to the Avalon Keep. The new Emo Ray pack includes a new story and unlockable reward, a full sized Hammy Companion. The King’s Chambers now give you somewhere to rest at night, including a new owner-only reward.

Hellfire Games continue to update Home Tycoon with this new update.

New from Hellfire Games: Home Tycoon gets its biggest update ever this week with Home Tycoon: Rising Revenues! This update includes several new features, including the ability to move buildings, new cash rewards for completing activities, special custom car paint jobs, fun new driving animations, improved building stats, and some special upgrades to the Home Tycoon Train Station! Owners of the VIP Pack will now also get a permanent 15 Worker bonus for a total of 45 Workers.

Visit your city to download the free Aggressive Promotions expansion pack available on Wednesday, loaded with free missions, new rewards, and epic GloboSyn buildings to unlock.

Bring the holidays Home with the new Winter Wonderland building pack in Home Tycoon: Rising Revenues, including four new buildings complete with falling snow, animated lights, and cheerful holiday sounds! Find it this week in the Building Packs category of your Build menu in Home Tycoon.
And for the Home Tycoon mayor who wants it all, construct the new Hometown Tower this week to boost your population levels to new heights! You can find this shiny new residential skyscraper under the Housing > High Rise category, available for $100,000 in-game dollars. Prepare to break new ground!

Atom Republic is heading to American shores with their Biker Jackets and Radpetz companions. These companions have an array of effects and actions. They’ll even land on your shoulder for a quick snooze occasionally. To match, you can buy some Biker Jackets, which even have a little resting nest for your companion.

The infamous “Cowboy Dance Moves” from Atom Republic are also available this week!

Codeglue are releasing their range of leggings as well as their new LED TVs with mood light, which go all the way up to 80″.

Digital Leisure are releasing their Pet Shop, which will give you a free Goldfish Tank just for entering! Make sure you clean your tank and feed your fish and you will get rewards for keeping them healthy!

This full interactive aquarium item allows you to feed your fish, clean your tank and rewards you for keeping them alive. Put it on display and customize it the way you want with more fish and decorations. There is a wide selection of aquatic life and ornaments to choose from. If that goldfish tank just isnít big enough, there are even more tank sizes available! All of these can be previewed, and purchased, at the Pet Shop.

The Pet Shop is not only home to our underwater friends, but there are cat and dog companions waiting for your attention and love. The shop also houses a Dancing Weasel companion that was created from The Casino’s custom home item contest.

Digital Leisure are also releasing a Penthouse Furniture range for the keen gamblers to fill their spacious penthouses with.

JAM Games are releasing their Christmas Collection pack, including Gingerbread Outfits, Christmas Sweaters, Snow Globe heads and Ice Furniture.

Granzella have created more holiday swimwear and a Snow Patterned Yukata for this week’s update. But fear not, this is a red and white swimsuit, so perfect for the winter period in the hottub!

Juggernaut Games are also bringing the Winter wonder with the Winder Adventure Pack.

With 16 items, including 12 profiled actives, this Adventure Pack is sure to add some wintry fun to any space! Active items include the customizable Christmas tree and customizable snowman, the gingerbread house with roaming gingerbread citizens, and the Santa’s list (now you can discover whether your friends have been naughty or nice!). There are also sled and ice skating locomotion items, companions, and much

Konami are updating their Gothic Collection with new clothing options.

Lockwood are releasing their new Jewel of the Skies and Uproar add-on pack.

The Jewel of the Skies

A faraway place, a magical world, The Jewel of the Skies is just waiting to be discovered! Enter the palace in the clouds and visit the Genie. If he deems you worthy, you’ll be given a magic carpet and gem hunting quests to follow. Those who follow the Genie’s commands will be granted wishes that will gradually restore their palace to its former glory.

To live in a palace as fine as The Jewel of the Skies, you’ll need some opulent attire. The Sultan and Ameerah outfits are fit for kings and queens. You’ll look extremely elegant in this regal clothing reclining on the pillows in the lounge room. But perhaps you’re not there for the parties and the entertaining? Maybe you’re a gem hunter at heart and want nothing more than to zip around on magic carpets with your friends, gathering jewels to unlock greater riches. In that case, perhaps the Jewel Thief clothing will be more practical for you. If you’re having difficulty choosing, not to worry, there is an enormous value pack available containing all the clothing and furniture, plus a couple of flying carpet locomotion objects and a tiger companion – look out for the three stars on the thumbnail in the store.

An apartment, a game, an experience, new from Lockwood. Find out more by watching the walkthrough video below.

Uproar Collection 2: Winter Riot
The latest Uproar collection is here! With new weapons, taunts, rewards and a level cap increase – there’s even a few quirky seasonal items to get you in the festive spirit. Visit the Uproar arena now to claim your FREE head tattoo rewards!

Not content on just releasing the much awaited Xi2 this week, nDreams are also bringing their Journey to the West clothing range to America, as well as a Blueprint:Home update and brand new Locomotions.

Three new Locomotion items this week from nDreams with the release of their BMX, Unibike and Electro Hands.

A Big update for Blueprint: Home this week. There are two new style packs available; Asian Fusion and Nightclub. Two new Skies; Night Time and Chameleo. And also two new environments; Snow Capped Mountains and City of the Future.

As well as new items there have also been some updates to Blueprint for all who have purchased it. There has been an update to the lighting when inside the apartments making it better than ever. You can now select any floor or ceiling for use in any room and also an issue which aw furniture not fitting in some corners has been rectified.

Finally there is a range of furniture that is perfect for use in your Blueprint apartment. Create the garden of your dreams with the Great Outdoors Range including hedges to make amazing hedge mazes. Also available is a range of Patio furniture that will help complete your perfect Blueprint: Home.

That’s all for this week. Phew. Oh wait, there’s an Item Showcase too.

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  • Crystal Smith

    fair update

  • vickyholly

    Wow this is a big update. Hope i can afford it. Hehehe

  • lisa

    ehhh… its ok.. Don't know why we cant have something first compared to the u.k. or get some of their better items like the bed. Those bikes shoulda came out like forever ago… all those crappy updates before.. :( I'll hold out.. i hope they come out with a better winter personal space and those beds.. only thing im interested in..

  • @AnthonyPolito

    i went to the hub to get the free picture frame its not working losing hope :(

    • musclemutt

      see your rewards. mine was in it in NA 12/12/12.

  • aqua fina

    where are the leggins thats all my team wanted OK U COULD HAVE SAVED THE SNOWMAN HEAD AN BROUGHT THE LEGGINS

    • Cubehouse

      You should pester PlayStation US, we can't find them either :)

    • Cubehouse

      Just checked with Codeglue, delayed to next week I'm afraid.

  • nishaboo84

    I just want codeglue to know how disappointed I am about the tights not coming out today as we have been told the last 2weeks. Me personally I've been waiting for 2years on tights and now you codegluers are delaying possibly the best item ever to hit home. I hope you all make the decision to shut home down today and give the communnity what it wants and believe me I'm not the only 1 who is upset about constand delays and false advertising.nisha

    • Cubehouse

      Nothing to do with Codeglue, it is almost always down to Sony.

    • Cubehouse

      … but seriously, "I want leggings, if I can't get them, you should just shut down Home, cos that's what I really want"

    • MercedesLadyDon

      wow thats deep you really upset about some leggings i really just wanted the beds !! lmao i get tired of just looking stright when my avator laysdown on the other bed atleast they can go to sleep for once lol but hopefully nextweek will be more better i i just save my money in buy everything next update


    Best update yet!! LOVE the FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kris4christ2

    Anyone else Not get this "birthday gift" from Sony in the Hub?

  • Deanna Allshouse

    Anyone know how to get the free head tattoo's at Uproar, been trying for days and haven't received it.

  • nishaboo84

    Anyone know what's up with this maintenance. Hope its the long awaited leggings!! LMFAO!!

    • Cubehouse

      Leggings are next week!
      The reward server has unexpectedly lost power :( They're working on getting it back online.