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EU Heads Up – Xi, Emo Ray, Audi, Penguins, Home Tycoon, Anniversary Nostalgia and much more

December 11th, 2012 | 6 comments

This week in the European PlayStation Home Update, Xi2 is launching!

This week sees the release of Xi: Continuum. There have been strange things going on in PS Home recently, and it all comes to a head this week as you will need to come together to answer the question: What is the Continuum?

The game will take place over 47 days with new content each day in Home, on external websites or via community tasks. If you want to play it at your own pace you can do that as well. Xi: Continuum has been designed to appeal to everyone, whether you love teaming up with others or prefer to act alone.

If you missed out on Xi in 2009, here’s your chance to see what all the fuss is about.

Also this week, PlayStation Home is 4 years old! New rewards are available in the Home Square. Fans of the old Home Square should also visit Estates for a new purchasable apartment surprise… !

Heavy Water are updating Emo Ray this week with the “Mission Pack 1: Bearly in Love?” This expansion pack opens a new story as well as a new reward!

Home Tycoon gets an update this week too, the Home Tycoon: Rising Revenues. Go to your city and get the free Agressive Promotions pack, with new missions, rewards and buildings.

The Audi space updates this week too with a new game and 50 free new rewards!

Head to the Audi Technology Experience for the most advanced and immersive driving game in PlayStation®Home.  Customise and race your own Audi virtual vehicle and unlock up to fifty FREE reward items including a new Audi Personal Space.  The Audi Technology Experience concept car has been designed specifically for this game and is exclusive to PlayStation®Home.

Atom Republic are updating their companion collection with new flying penguins! Also from Atom Republic, new Locomotion ringbikes and dance moves!

Juggernaut Games are bringing additional Winter cheer this week.

Juggernaut Games wants to wish everyone on Home the finest of season’s greetings and present their Winter Adventure Pack – the perfect complement to your festive decorating needs.

Includes: customisable Christmas tree and snowman, gingerbread house with roaming gingerbread citizens, the Santa’s list, sled and ice-skating locomotion items, companions, and much more!

Lockwood have unveiled their latest Home Apartment, The Jewel of the Skies. Check out the video below, or see our Lockwood Content Update article for more details.

Granzella are bringing a series of beds into Home this week, as well as new Yukatas and an owl companion.

Finally, Konami are updating their Gothic collection with new clothing.

Source: EU Forums


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  • @AnthonyPolito

    how come eu home gets rewards for playstation home 4th birthday and us home gets nothing i think that''s not fair.

    • @JamesLakeyzZz

      Be great full you's have bmx's.
      I'd happily swap them for our freebees anyday :)

  • Crystal Smith

    fair update :) im not agueing

  • vickyholly

    Great update can't wait

  • Crystal Smith

    this update is fair :)

  • Insight Fz

    One of the best updates in weeks. :)