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Granzella Content Update 12th September 2012 – Chinese Banquets, Mandarin Dresses and Swimsuits

September 10th, 2012 | 15 comments

This week from Granzella, both Europe and Japan get new clothing items.

Europe (SCEE)

Embroidered with gorgeous butterflies and flowers, the shining Mandarin Dress is here.
The red and black Mandarin Dresses are decorated with pretty gold embroidery and the blue Mandarin Dress gives a noble impression, decorated with silver embroidery.
We also offer 2 hair styles which perfectly complement these dresses. Matching high heels and pumps are also available, for the complete look.

You’ll look beautiful, elegant, and noble in a Mandarin Dress.

Additionally this week, the “Sexy Chain One-piece Swimsuit”.

Granzella’s new item release is the Sexy Chain One-piece Swimsuit.
The chain gleams across the open chest, it’s a new design in swimwear.

This lineup includes 3 colour variations. Silver, Gold, and Black.

With a cool adult look, the Sexy Chain One-piece Swimsuit is in the spotlight on the beach this summer.

This content is also scheduled for release in America and Asia in late September.

Japan (SCEJ)

“How about some formal attire?”

Granzella introduces the new Party Dress set and Black Suit set.

Women can coordinate their whole outfit with a 7 piece sets that includes dresses, stilleto heels, clutch bags, and earrings, etc. Available in both red and black.
For men, we offer a magnificent 4 piece black suit set, which includes a jacket, pants, shoes, and a hairstyle.

If you want a chic look, why not try something a little different?


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  • Turkey the Brain

    No t-shits D:

  • Tony Damiani

    Yet again SCEA its left behind in GZ content :(

  • aint

    oooooh pretty dresses hehehehe……

  • Ανδρέας Αναστασίο&ups

    How much these clothes will cost?

  • Ivy

    What!?!? Nothing for NA? *smh

    • mercedes

      i know its like we got toss to the side lately first the beach now the hot clothes we going to be mad late on a'lot of Granzella stuff in we also don't have not head up today i seen the EU and JP heads up on Monday So now it's like we not getting a heads up or any Granzella stuff or any other stuff. in what really got me upset was they wrote we was going to get the Granzella beach late Augest In now its september so when they say we going to get These Granzella dresses it may be early oct or late oct im not sure. but i just remember what the last letter said in we will be told to" wait" i don't know Why they put us last now to all the good stuff. i guess EU fuss in complaint anuff intel they give them everything we useto get first. now its us sounding how they useto i wish they could make it even for all of us but i feel like things has changed over night since these last updates. hopefully they get us back on track but its just been massed up lately in everybody i talk to about this feel the same way we just gotta wait this out for awhile before you know it Winter will be here.

      • Slimmodel20

        ..Right. The LAST Granzella update for NA was on clothes August 15th… After that date it just stopped… Which is weird.. So It doesn't make sense to me lol.. But YUP now only EU & JP gets stuff now, so it seems….

  • vickyholly

    Nothing for U.S.A. this week ?????

  • vickyholly

    Granzella top store. Love the Dresses and one piece swimsuits.

  • mercedes

    Well i guess we don't have an update for this week they could have let us know ahead of time so we won't be throwing money on our accounts. in i just asked cubehouse is NA having a update no reply back so i guess he don't know either.

    • Slimmodel20

      He knows….. probably busy…

  • Mim

    why we dont get those hairdos for men ???? why just japan get awesome hairdos??? ._.

  • Mercedes

    EU got a nice update real nice i know they laughing at us real hard.o.0


    when is gonna be available in us , and also the bon festival-

    • Cubehouse

      It? If you mean the EU content, then "This content is also scheduled for release in America and Asia in late September."