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E3 2012 Coming to PlayStation Home

June 1st, 2012 | 19 comments

E3 2012 will be making an appearance inside PlayStation Home again this year! This time the space has been revamped with some new additions!

The space will be showcasing tons of PS3 and Home games, including a bunch of exclusive E3-only rewards. A virtual Christina Lee will also be serving as your host throughout the event.

We’ll be at E3 for real and virtually this year. AlphaZone4 will be hanging out with all the Home developers at E3, but we’ve also got a special live event planned for next week, which we’ll be announcing later today.

Check out the video below from SCEA for a teaser of what will be available in Home for this year’s E3.

The EU Blog has also announced some of the content that will be available at the E3 store next week.

Whilst you’re there why not drop by the store in the E3 booth to check out the exclusive items you can pick up there, including Codeglue’s Day of Judgment Device, the Discobot XT6000 and Nebulon Storage Backpack from Hellfire Games and some tasty Billabong morsels.

Additionally, Granzella are releasing new Cheer Squad outfits and Ninja costumes in the EU (no US content for next week has been announced yet besides the E3 space).



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  • Mr. Hippo

    Free T-shits galore! 😀

  • @tonydamiani

    Amazing!! 😀

  • QQRocker

    Hopefully They have fixed the stream. The last two years, It's been totally unwatchable. Have watched WWE & TNA Wrestling PPV's online that the stream was then times better that sony's.

  • shallum

    when does it come onto ps home?

    • didyouknowthat

      its live now!

  • ConfirmedChaos

    yo, i hope there's some great content for E3….E3 always brings some awesome rewards to ps home!!! hot dayum! can't freaking wait!!!

  • TheMemoryMachine

    Good news.. I was thinking this wasn't going to happen this year. Hello tony and QQR!

  • Amiee Lynn Hunter

    is hope updateing normal day next week cos this e3 things has me confused :(

  • Anthony

    i didn't know playstation E3 show starts at 9pm

  • didyouknowthat

    the stream dosnt work. theres a reward for staying in the theater for 30 min. and 1 hour. If you stay 1 hour, you will get both rewards. But the 30 min quest does not complete on the quest board.

    • Anthony

      your wrong i was there for one hour and i didn't get both items.

      • Anthony

        i got the items at different times

  • who is angry

    and for germany its forbidden again ….. totally unfair :(

  • lz_d_bz


    • Cubehouse

      Nope. Hello. Update is tomorrow.

  • feloneouscat

    Please check out my article here for images of the swag. Actually a few good ones!

    feloneouscat =^^=

  • Bex2422

    when hte next home update?


    can someone plz help me? i cant find all game booths on the ground floor 4 the t-shirt. cud someone plz list them? thx 😉

  • Kepoulsen

    Haha Amazing E3 This Year :)