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EU Heads Up – Lockwood Showcase Update, Novus Prime, Konami Anime and much more

May 29th, 2012 | 0 comments

This week in the EU PlayStation Home update, the Lockwood Showcase space is updating with a brand new mini game and new Lockwood Fantasy gear from Fool Throttle.

Locky is rewarding brave warriors. Rogues are exceptionally good at fighting dragons. Fool Throttle’s Rogue outfits give bonus points when crushing Brinsop’s eggs, meaning you can earn rewards even quicker. And they look awesome too.

Every brave adventurer needs a faithful sidekick on hand to deal with any lollygaggers and ne’er-do-wells who might cross your path. Salvador the Dragon is a kind old soul, but he can turn on the angry when he wants to. Vane the Cockatrice is the fiercest fire-breathing chicken you’re ever likely to see! (Please don’t tell him we called him that. He’ll scorch our britches).

Also this week, Novus Prime gets a game update with new game-enhancing items. Boost you XP or Nebulon with these brand new items.

Granzella bring a series of new clothing to Home, as well as a Coconut Crab, who will even give it’s master a hug. On the face.

The AAA store is bringing back with a bundle of 8 robots. Also, the VEEMEE arcade machines are now available as a bundle for some retro-gaming action.

Konami bring new Anime avatar items this week and finally the U Love Green clothing from Codeglue is available this week in the EU.

Source: EU Blog


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