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EU Heads Up – The Mansion First Floor, Lockwood Medusa Hairstyles, Alter Ego Update and more

May 8th, 2012 | 20 comments

This week in the PlayStation Home EU Update, the 3rd piece of The Mansion is available to purchase from Estates, giving you access to the First Floor, which includes a game lounge with darts, pool and 5 new golden rewards!

Lockwood are releasing their latest Medusa hairstyles, featuring iconic celeb-styles. See more images, video and details in our earlier Lockwood content coverage.

Also this week, Alter Ego gets an update of new outfits:

Whether you’re saving the world from robots of the future or realising your dungeon slaying dreams, show off your dark side with the Omnislayer, Beam Blade and Soul Hunter armour for male avatars, or the Elvish Fantasy and Special Agent for females. Evil will never know what hit it!

Granzella update their collection with a new one-piece prairie dress and Konami bring a collection of new masks.

Finally, head over to the theatre screen 3 this week for a free Sorcery T-Shirt to celebrate it’s release.

Source: EU Forums


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  • Bex2422

    not much out tmorrow for eu :(

  • Neil

    Don't you mean second floor

  • tay

    nothing free -,.,-"

    • Cubehouse

      There are new rewards coming tomorrow, in the mansion, MiB and the theatre.

      • Bex2422

        are the new mantion rewards diffrent from usa

        • @tonydamiani

          Nope, they are the same ones.

        • Neil

          My online id is neilc010

      • sandragora


  • Insight

    Sweet update. 😉

  • Endless_Surfer

    im guessing its meant to say 2nd floor mansion??

    • Cubehouse

      In the EU, the first floor is the floor above the ground floor. We're just massive computer science nerds over here.

      • ConfirmedChaos

        yeah, i started to say bro…looks a lot like the 2nd floor, but, you guys live in flats right?…and your houses are lived in 2nd floor, right?….not sure, but, i've heard this before

        • Cubehouse
          • ConfirmedChaos

            Thanks for the info Cubehouse…i wasn't implying that you guys all live in flats…i've never traveled to europe, and thought that you called houses flats…there's a lot of difference in dialect between american english and europeon english..we just call things differently…(i still don't know what a flat is…but, i'm guessing it's a one story house)

          • Cubehouse

            A flat is just somewhere you live that spans one floor. As in a "block of flats" – "block" being an American term I believe.

        • Lyra

          Implying we all live in flats…
          There are many differences between American and British English. One of them is that the second floor for you, is the first floor for us.
          But just click on Cube's link. I'm not good at explaining things…

  • patrick

    how can i get it