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US Heads Up – Superhero Madhouse, Lockwood Medusa Range, Sales, Future Content Teases and more

May 7th, 2012 | 8 comments

This week in the US PlayStation Home update, VEEMEE are releasing their latest 8-bit arcade game, Superhero Madhouse! This side-scrolling cabinet is available to play in the Indie Park and also available to buy in the VEEMEE store for your own apartments.

Also this week, Lockwood are bringing their new Medusa styles. You can see a ton of images, video and much more in our Lockwood Content Update post from this afternoon.

Hellfire Games are discounting a number of their items, including the Obsidian Pilot Suit, Blade Ship bundle and Nebulon-Interweave Power Suit. This sale is starting right now (Monday) and will only be available until the end of the week!

The x7 space gets another series of exclusive items, including weapons and a series of clothes.

Finally, Billabong gets an update and PlayStation have released some teasers from Midway 3 and a brand new Home developer who will be debuting soon, BIGYAMA! Check out the Midway posters and Forthstar content that is coming in the near future.

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  • Bex2422

    i ike this update :)

  • aint

    looks good. can't wait

  • Lyra

    Wow, this is probably the first time, the US gets stuff EU already had for a while…

    • ConfirmedChaos

      yeah, ikr?…seems they'd "interweave" our content somehow…and maybe it wouldn't take so long to update the servers….

  • eyecandy

    avengers movie as cool as it is and we get this lame 8 bit stupid superhero game? were are the realy cool superhero outfits

    • Cubehouse

      arcade machine has nothing to do with the Avengers film?

    • ConfirmedChaos

      the arcade machine isn't really new…it's been in the uk for a while…maybe they couldn't get a liscense to create a costume, and could only get a shirt…or, maybe they wanted so much for a license that it wouldn't be feasable to purchase them. You gotta think about things like that…sony cannot just make whatever they want to…look at what happened with the scream outfits

  • IronTiger93

    What happened with the scream outfits?