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EU Heads Up – The Men in Black Invade PlayStation Home, Silent Hill and much more

May 1st, 2012 | 19 comments

This week in the EU PlayStation Home update, the Men in Black are back. This brand new massive space pulls you into the Men in Black world where you can hang out with your human or alien pals, featuring a ton of interactive content and Home items for your avatar. There are a load of rewards to get and lots of things to do. Stay tuned for more details and updates to this space.

On May 2nd, 2012, the Men in Black are coming to PlayStation Home! Sony Pictures Consumer Products, in partnership with Activision, Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony DADC LOOT, have joined forces to bring the MIB Headquarters to HOME! Help agents Jay and Kay protect the Earth from the scum of the universe by monitoring alien activity! Play our quiz to find out if you’re considered an alien or agent in the eyes of the agency! Take photos with your favourite agents, then roam the headquarters for sweet rewards and sneak peeks from the new movie Men in Black 3 and the upcoming video game Men in Black: Alien Crisis!

Also this week, the Silent Hill Diner apartment is available, along with some iconic costumes form the game – Anne Marie’s Police Uniform and Murphy’s Jumpsuit. Additionally, Konami are releasing new Gothic clothing to their existing range.

Finally this week, Billabong updates it’s shelves with new items, the Stuff store updates with new farmyard animals and Threads gains new hairstyles.

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  • @tonydamiani

    :O what the! I hope this comes to America! I love MIB D:

    • bluejays20091

      me too :)

    • bluejays20091

      America is getting men in black coming soon Loot Gear sent a tweet out

    • legendaryvicki

      Love the space even though the rewards aren't upto much. Great over all experience. Just ashame they whip the outfit off of you when your finished. Talk about dangling the carrot under the donkey's nose. The black suit was worth paying for though. We need more exclusive spaces like this imo. L_V

  • GeniusM

    yeah MIB herei come :) awesome EU update

  • glenn

    thank you cubehouse, for the update

  • Lyra

    Just MIB for me then…
    I really hope they fixed the D5021 bug. That's the only thing I'm looking forward to.

  • alex


  • Molly0554

    Is there something wrong with the EU server for home as i tried to sign in twice tonight and i got network error.I tried for a third time and got on. Plus when my friend tries to give me a gift at pshome infinity pool it says i'm not there, Anyone elshaving this problem?

    • Lyra

      Yep, the network errors are really annoying. They tried to fix them with two emergency maintenances already but never managed to get rid of them…
      Seems like they're not too fussed about errors.

      Oh and I've heard that a lot of people seem to have problems with the Infinity Pool. The home team is "working" on it and it's getting fixed… soon…

  • PlayStation home fan

    Why is it taking so long to get the men in black space to the us PlayStation home

    • Cubehouse

      It's coming to the US next week, have no fear! Sometimes things just take longer in different regions.

  • men in black 3

    Yeah i agree why is it taking so long to get the men in black space to the us PlayStation home there are definitely some questions to be answered why its taking so long and why the uk got it first before the us after all it is a us movie

  • playstation home fan

    Cool next week THANKS for the information i hope there's no delays in its arrival

  • playstation home fan

    I hope they also come out with a men in black 3 personal space in the us PlayStation home

  • Molly0554

    I'm having a bit of a problem with home being that somehow other people are getting access to personal messages and repeating them over live chat on home.ihave already reported one person for vebal abuse but don't know what to do about this other problem. My messages are also being read before i recive them. please help me.

    • Cubehouse

      Please report things like this to PlayStation.

      • Molly0554

        I would but i don't know how. Can u give me some help on how i would do that?