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US Heads Up – The Avengers, Silent Hill Diner Apartment and more

April 30th, 2012 | 17 comments

This week in the US PlayStation Home update, the Avengers are making an appearance with new clothing items including Daredevil, Dr. Strange, Thor, Nova, Union Jack, and more.

Also this week, a brand new Silent Hill personal apartment is available. The Silent Hill Downpour Diner as well as a Murphy Prison Jumpsuit and Anne Marie Police Uniform.

Konami are also releasing new gothic costume pieces and finally this week, the x7 club updates with new Auras, a new bundle and a new free DJ Turntable ornament.

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  • @tonydamiani

    Im very happy that the Avengers costumes finally arrived on Home ­čśÇ

    • @tonydamiani

      Edit: They will be T-Shirts at 1.49 -_- Not Buying! :@

      • Lyra

        Why are you so sure?
        Do you have a source on this ?

        • @tonydamiani

          Of course check the ps blog. Check G_W respond.

        • Cubehouse

          Sorry, should have provided a link. Is in the comments of the original US PS Blog post.

  • GeniusM

    tiny update :)

  • Bonxo

    are they actually costumes or are they t-shirts again?

    • Cubehouse

      Confirmed as T-Shirts…

      • Lyra

        You've got to be kidding me…
        Didn't they learn it when they released the first bunch of superhero T-shirts, which nobody bought?
        I want a Dr. Strange costume!

        • MAN-OF-PEACE

          I purchased Spiderman T shirt looks good
          I am the 1% ­čśŤ

  • bluejays20091

    i hope we get one free Avengers shirt like we got that free marvel shirt fingers crossed :)


    really wish Marvel wouldnt be so stingy and just sell the outfits!
    spiderman outfit for 5 dollars with web attack actions fine by me (Im a high roller)
    I just wish they had the actuall outfits with actions T__T
    downpour suit looks good
    i cant wait to get the gem auras :)

    • Slimmodel20


  • aint

    the goth clothing looks good

  • becky

    Why tshirts not costumes come on sony jesus I hope eu get the apartment

  • nugalite1

    from the picture that diner look so similar to the resistance diner ( game ) we had a while ago on home.

  • ted2112

    Will the Silent Hill diner say…KONAMI every time you go into a room?