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EU Heads Up – The Green Machine, Mansion Infinity Pool, Wrangler and much more

April 24th, 2012 | 10 comments

This week in the European PlayStation Home Update, Home itself is updating to version 1.65 – bringing a host of new features! See our previous article for the full details on the update.

A brand new store is opening in the shopping area this week, Wrangler.

Wrangler open the doors to their first ever concept store in PlayStation Home.  Set in the West Mall, the Wrangler store brings the very latest designs to the PS Home community in virtual form. The storefront incorporates key elements from the brands rich history such as the iconic Blue Bell.  With 10 new items at launch, the Wrangler store will continue to bring the latest designs from the brand to the PS Home community in the months ahead.

Also this week, the second part of the Mansion arrives, featuring an “infinity pool” and 6 items to reward your friends for visiting you. If you’ve already purchased the first Mansion area, this space will be available at a reduced cost.

Lockwood are bringing some new fashions with The Bombshell and The Playwright. Check out Lockwood’s content update from yesterday for more images and video of the new fashions.

Konami are releasing their previously available secret agent outfits as individual pieces, meaning you can mix and match them with your other clothing items and Granzella update with more Edo clothing and weaponry.

Juggernaut Games bring the Green Machine, a nature loving companion in the Home Stuff store.

Finally, it’s a Sodium2 Double XP  Weekend, so get racing if you’re seeking some new rewards in the higher levels.

Source: EU Forums


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  • @tonydamiani

    Wow another American Brand opens in EU :(

    I hope Wrangler comes to America next week!

    • Slimmodel20

      Doubt It…

    • TheGo

      I heard the store will open next month in US and Japan, with more product 😉

  • glenn

    part twoo of the mansion, great

  • Dr. Hippo

    And Europe gets the crap we in America got three weeks ago 😀

  • Becky

    the home patch is bad it keeps freezing my ps3

  • Mohamud323

    if u have a spare usa redeem can i have please

    • Cubehouse

      Hi, we do not have spare codes and do not give out codes randomly.

  • Mohamud323

    u guys got eny spare usa redeem codes give 2 me please

  • Mohamud323