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US Heads Up – New x7 Pre-Release Items, New Companions and Ravers

April 16th, 2012 | 21 comments

This week in the US PlayStation Home update, the x7 space gets more early-access items, including a Robotic Cat and “meta”-physical auras.

Lockwood are updating Sodium2 with the brand new Legendary Racers, which are available by reaching level 40! Also, Lockwood are releasing two new companions into the wild, say hello to Kubwa the Gorilla and Kiboko the baby Hippo. Our full coverage of Lockwood’s update is available here.

Granzella release new Feudal Lord clothing to go with the Edo space and the Costume stores updates with new weaponry. Konami are also releasing a collection of Raver items, with glow-in-the-dark effects.

Finally, the Novus Prime 5.5 items that were available in x7 last week are now available to everyone to buy.

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  • @tonydamiani

    An Ok Update, I like that we getting more Edo Clothing 😀

  • amy hunter

    i dont like that club space its wrong to charge people to get in im just saying

    • bluejays20091

      your so right it is kinda stupid

    • buckat12


    • Nicholas normand

      Basic home users can't get In till they buy something from exclusives or a 7day pass or 30day pass which is 14.99 in the store at the space

    • delice

      Look, if that club was for sale i'd buy it as an appartment because its that good, so whats wrong tio charge people to enter and i've spent alot on playstation home its about time i got something deecent for free, also when you enter you have nothing to worry about theres decent peaople in there and thats a good thing not people who stalk you etc and you can WEAR what you want without getting harrased its great oh and if its bothering you buy a psn card

  • sevenofnine1

    C,mon Home hurry up please.

  • Dr. Hippo

    When will the outfit for the Grand Admiral for Novus Prime come out?

  • John James Aguilar

    Edo items suck ass, end of story.

  • Tony

    Nice, and those who are so hellbent on the club being so horrible, it's not like there aren't like a million other spaces to go to, also no one is forcing you to pay anything to use home. Get over it and enjoy Home.

  • Slimmodel20


    • Lyra

      If you're really thinking like that, Home is probably the wrong place for you.
      Home was invented to communicate with users (no matter where they come from or if they spend money on the service). With the release of this pathetic attempt to gain some money, SCEA divided the whole community.
      On the one hand you have the users which buy not much or nothing and on the other hand you have the kids with too much money. Enjoy your little club, soon it will be as dead as the PS Plus club in Europe.

      Oh and btw; I normally enjoy it more to talk with normal users than with those wearing shiny diamond suits. They are able to hold a good conversation about many topics and not just about what's the hottest stuff to buy on Home….

      • Jin Lovelace

        "SCEA divided the whole community. "


  • kazza

    no its not wrong if u but things then you will get in u wouldnt go into town with out paying to get into a nitghtclub

  • @Sky715762

    I dont think the space should rely on people buying specific stuff to get in. Sure it's a night club and stuff, but it gives a bad look to PS Home. It says "You must be this rich to enter"

    Now, you can only get in by specific objects, not by how much you've spent on PS Home. A dedicated PS Home user could've spent over 5000 dollars altogether in PS Objects, but wont even have access to something like x7.

    It's over the top, it's literally got "You must be a millionaire to get in" written all over it, and not to mention.. WHO THE HELL THOUGHT OF FLiRT? Seriously?! FLiRT?

    Also to point out, it's 5 dollars for a week pass, and 15 dollars for a monthly pass.
    Why not just buy PS+, get free stuff AND get in free forever? PS+ Is like, 10 dollars or something.. CHEAPER than a monthly pass! Not to mention you can go in whenever you like!

    I dont know, x7 seems WAAAAAAY too rushed so I'm just gonna sit on that red carpet and wonder what is going on inside… and what those hot dancers look like.

    • Cubehouse

      I really don't buy this argument that people who have generally spent lots of money on Home should be rewarded. When you purchase products, you are getting the ones you paid for, no additional bonuses should be anticipated and nor should you expect to be receiving additional rewards for being a big spender, as since you said, you don't want Home to be one of those "You must be this rich to enter", which if some areas were exclusively for people who had spent $5000 – would very much be the case.
      Additionally, as you also pointed out, you don't actually have to buy any items at all, making all of this rather redundant since having a PS+ pass will get you in too.

  • ConfirmedChaos

    Ok. I have something to add here. I actually got off my ps3 browser and logged into my laptop to leave this comment. I don't understand why so many people have to cry b/c of the exclusive content (the x7 club) being released in ps home. Yes, i do very well understand that everyone would like to be able to get in…that's obvious. But, you guys have to also understand that the devs are giving back to the community..i mean, for the people that supported home…also for ps plus…if it wasn't for people buying certain items…then, maybe home wouldn't even exist today…i mean..sure, they could have done it based on how much money that people spent…but, with the way the programming seems to work…there doesn't really seem to be a counter for how much you spend on psn…seeing how home already activates certain products by "purchasing"

  • ConfirmedChaos

    seems like it would need a code be activated in order to do it by the money spent on home (and that would take a while)…also, why shouldn't people be able to access additional content based on their support of the home community? that's like saying people should be able to access down load content without purchasing the full game. yeah, it sux not being able to get in…but, nobody is forcing you to do so either?….i myself enjoy the company of new users and users that have been on for a while. but, i like the fact that you can access a place where you have only people who purchase content…b/c it weeds out most of the scumbags that troll on alternate most of the people that just come on home and start talking shit their first day…idk..of course you can't get along w/everyone…but, this weeds out some of the problems…i'm not one to make fun of other users for being "home poor"

  • ConfirmedChaos

    b/c buying dlc for a video game doesn't make you any less of a person, but, i'm also glad to see the home devs giving something back to the people that give them their paychecks…yes, it sux if u spend a lot of money on home but, don't have the items to get in the club…but, if you spent that much, what's an extra 14 bux gonna hurt…you save in the long run with getting discounts on items etc..i dont understand why people complain…yes, u need to buy something..but, the way it's set up seems that ur gonna get sweet discounts on bundles..hopefully that's the case…idk..i'm finished with my rant..oh, btw..HELLO ALPHAZONE TEAM….I'VE BEEN A HOME USER SINCE 2009 AND WANNA THANK U GUYS FOR MAKING THE BEST SITE FOR GETTING TO KNOW UR PS HOME…also…for those who make fun of people for not buying stuff on ps home…get over yourselves…i've never been on a game where people pretend it's real life and make fun of people for not having stuff…some good users on there have only free items…not all the newbs are noobs..good day!

  • ConfirmedChaos

    sorry for posting so much, but, i had a lot to say….it seems to ruin the fun of the game when people try and act like they're better than other people….or, that some people don't deserve exclusive items for having/doing certain things…when you buy stuff from home…you're supporting the devs…when you support the devs on ps home…it seems that you get free stuff…nothing wrong with that…they could be like most devs and only make a few dlc available, or, be greedy like most people are and just not give you anything…


    I'll have what hes having^
    but ConfirmedChaos is totally right!
    its pretty much like an add on so no need to bicker bout why you "deserve" to be in there
    either you got the 15 dollars to spend to get in or you dont(spent on diamond suit)
    Im loving the pre-release items and discounts :)
    I hate FLIRT game since it forces me to feel like a noob -__- *pick up lines on girls and guys*(thank you for humiliating me since the girls love to reject guys in worst responses)
    I think the V.I.P for the club was stupid Im not one but I think if someone spent an extra 15 more(intentionally or not) they can get a reward type of thing since its pretty stupid you want to pass access for a "better view"