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US Heads Up – Exclusive x7 VIP Club, Novus Prime 5.5, Granzella Battles and more

April 9th, 2012 | 12 comments

This week in the US PlayStation Home update, the x7 club is arriving, a VIP nightclub for PlayStation Plus members and Exclusives Store Shoppers.

x7 – Wednesday marks the grand opening of x7 – the nightclub for the PlayStation Home elite! This VIP nightclub is for PlayStation Plus subscribers and collectors of the PlayStation Home Exclusives line and is packed with premium content not available anywhere else. All x7 members get early access to select content before it gets released to the public, special discounts, and even free items!
Hit the dance floor or mix and mingle with the hottest members of the PlayStation Home community with FLIRT, a game for singles and socialites where you can compete against others for a chance to be crowned king or queen of the x7 nightclub!

Also this week, Novus Prime updates with it’s brand new 5.5 update, featuring a series of awesome new costumes:

Novus Prime 5.5 Update – Novus Prime gets its newest shipment of game-enhancing outfits and virtual items this week! Suit up as the new Obsidian Bladewalker foot soldier with four custom animations, holographic weapon, and a 5% experience boost in Novus Prime! You’ll also get 20% off the price if you own the Obsidian Pilot outfit.

Gain the golden touch with the new gold-plated Midas Reactive Defense System and get a 25% Nebulon collection bonus when you own the entire outfit! Power up your avatar with the sleek new Ion Stream Power Armor, and don’t forget to show off your deadly side with the newest Obsidian technology available to the Earth Fleet: the Obsidian Throwing Star. Warp to the Novus Prime space station today to check out all the new gear and Join the Fight!

Members of x7, the new VIP nightclub, will gain exclusive early access to these new Novus Prime 5.5 game enhancing virtual items and bundles, including the Midas Reactive Defense System bundles, Obsidian Bladewalker Suit, Obsidian Throwing Star, Ion Stream Power Armor, for one full week before becoming available to the public.

Granzella are calling upon you to protect the Great Edo of Nippon! You can battle on your own or as a group against the Mononoke in this new game. Check out the screenshots below for a taste of the action. Play the game with the free bamboo “sword”, or purchase better weapons for your avatar.

Lockwood are soon to be updating Sodium2 with brand new Legendary Racers gear to really show your Sodium side. However, this week, check out the Drey Prop Pack, containing all the pieces you need to be a Drey fashionb model – such as a swing bench… or a horse.

Finally, keep an eye out of the spring quest in Home to grab some freebies.

See you in Home!

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  • amy hunter

    cool update i hope eu has a good one to

  • bex2422

    i hope eu get something good tmrorow

  • therob21

    Awesome! It's about time they did something for PlayStation Plus members in the US!!! We've been waiting forever!!

  • @tonydamiani

    Cool Update :)

  • Frank

    Finally… I've been waiting for an update of the Great Edo of Nippon!


    pay to enter a dance place that dosent look half as good as anyplace thats free? could that rap " music " be any more annoying


    • Slimmodel20

      We can't even go to our friends or send the ones who can get in a invite. -__- I wonder why is that?

  • Kitty_Pyra

    It looks great.. the video shows Heavy has made alot of improvements from their original female animations. And this club is geared to western cultures… were the EU club was geared to more standard UK cultural settings….

  • weluv2play

    Awesome info here. This will be a very exciting week on Home. Ty

  • Potatobrains

    What about the Grand Admiral costume for Novus Prime?

  • donsheff

    pretty nice update.

  • Anthony

    i tottaly hate x7 unfair club :(