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AlphaZone4 PlayStation Home Expo 2012 – Day 1

March 22nd, 2012 | 29 comments

The AlphaZone4 Expo has officially begun!

Last night we challenged you to seek us in the Far Cry 2 space to get your hoodies early. We had an incredible amount of people come and find us. We hope you’re enjoying your hoodies and are proud you were some of the first to own one!

Without further delay, here are the codes for you to get your very own AlphaZone4 hoodies!

EU Hoodies
Male 96T5-28N7-GF7M / Female KLEA-D7NB-JDT4

US Hoodies


Our first events for the AlphaZone4 Expo 2012 start tonight!

Please do not add AlphaZone4/AlphaZone5 to your friends list until 10 minutes before the event starts. If you are not able to join the event as the space is full or our friends list is full, please see our Twitter account for the latest information on getting to the party. Make sure you are attending events that are intended for your region, otherwise you will find you are not able to join.

The full calendar is available at and will include any last minute changes. Please see the calendar for the most up-to-date event listings, for full event details and instructions to join.

Heavy Water Q&A and Quiz – 7PM GMT/11AM PST

The Casino Formal Q&A and Quiz – 10PM GMT/2PM PST

 Film Quiz @ LOOT Station – 1AM GMT/5PM PST

Yesterday at the Expo

Thanks to everyone that came to our pre-Expo manhunt event! It was great to see so many of you come out to get AlphaZone4 hoodies!

We have a gallery up if you took any photos and would like to share them! Check it out here.


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  • comedian2008

    Had fun yesterday, sadly I will be at school for all the Events today T~T darn

  • assassinninja

    can come to tomorrows events after 6-10ish and rest of weekend EU ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chris

    thanx alpha i sent a freind request yestaday. and today and you deleted both. psn = ilekillya

    i was realy looking forward to seeing the ps home venue

  • chris

    i even aquired the top to go to the ps home venue. :(

  • readytorelease

    There is no one at the event and people are getting upset, I am there enjoying the games until I get some kind of conformation on this event.

  • MassiveDynamic92

    Hello! I'm sorry to ask but will all the coming events be similar to the one in Playground space? You would need AlphaZone6, AlphaZone7 and AlphaZone8 at least ^^

  • Vladtepez

    I was there(playground EU) and nothing came out. What a waste of time!!!

  • chris

    you made a statement of adding a freind request 10 mins before the event well i just tried and your list is full. and i dont do twiter. :(

    • RenegadeXtreme

      If you don't use Twitter, there are 2 options for the latest information.

      1. Check the main Expo 2012 section for the most up to date information on an event.

      2. Look at the top right of the site. Displayed is a Twitter feed with all the latest info.

      • chris

        top right of witch site. ? obviously you did not read what i wrought. I DO NOT DO TWITTER. thats look or post. the hole thing was a farce. requsts sent from me totald well over 50. i sent well over 20. 10 mins before supposed start time. i waited in the casino well over 2 hours. the organization of the hole thing would have been better dun by my kids. ho are no more than 5 in age.

  • chris

    well thanx again alpha. ive sent more requests than ever to AlphaZone4. and if the request was not removed your freinds list was full. a large group of people have been standing around in the casino 4 well over 2 hours and personaly it seems like we have all been had as a joke. i personaly have put all my personal chores today aside and thats a lot for a 37 year old guy. only to have had been messed around. yet again thanks alpha.

  • WKQQRocker

    What time does the events start if your on EST??

    • readytorelease

      Its going on right now in the casino and just finished.

  • readytorelease

    We all at the N.A. Casino party and it is fantastic the quiz is tough but how wants it to be easy (LOL).

  • diggerdog

    Spent 3 hours at the playground, NO Dev. I did see plenty of RenegadEuphoriX apologising though!!!

  • barracade30

    i got added to first event but couldnt get there how stupid

  • comedian2008

    Everyone just disappeared from the space station…?

  • sheena

    You need to make a private server next time, there were too many ppl running around not doing the event. that's wasted spaces for ppl who want to get in and participate. Also I hope you delete your friend list again so ppl who didnt have a chance can at least have a shot at attended.

    • RenegadeXtreme

      It's kinda hard to create a private server without breaking the Home Terms of Service. And yes, all friend lists are cleared after every event. It's just taking forever to delete people as PSN is being a bit weird 😛

  • lum26

    Had a great time at the casino event. Thankyou to Alphazone and Digital Leisure for a fun evening. I stayed at the playground until 10pm GMT, did Heavy Water turn up after i had to leave?

  • chris

    like i said i have sent so many freind requests and the team has deleated all. whats the point of makeing an event for the ps home public if only a limited amount of regular users can go. i have been tracing this event since the first day it was noted and as i said in a previous message i knew it would be slim to get in the event. i use to think this site was cool but as shown the data base is never up to date and i from now on will use at least they keep uptodate in all they do.

  • Miss2912

    The Playground event was a complete mess. Noone came in, the host was beyond rude, no prizes, no developers, just a big waste of time.

    • RenegadeXtreme

      Beyond rude?

  • http://alphazone4 ian

    the playground was very funny alphazone 4 and co losing connection it is what the rest of us having to put up with all the time

  • gargy2000

    alphazone suck event