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US Heads Up – DUST 514, Metal Gear Solid, Drey, MiniBots: Battlebox and much more

March 19th, 2012 | 10 comments

This week in the US PlayStation Home update, Dust 514 is invading with a live event this Thursday, which will be available in the “Backstage Pass” event space this week. During the live Q&A, questions will be answered from Twitter and an exclusive Dust 514 T-Shirt will be given out. Make sure you check out this great upcoming game!

Also this week, Juggernaut Games are releasing a brilliant new game, MiniBots: Battlebox, where you can customise your own bot and battle it out. Check out the video to see more about these items.

Konami bring new Ninja costumes and Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker items and Lockwood update their Drey collection with some stunning new items. As usual, the Home mall updates with a series of new items, including the Disposable Film Fest Camera Head bundle, which for $0.99 will grant you 6 new virtual items and access to a special event inside Home.

The AlphaZone4 Expo is starting this Thursday. Keep an eye on our Twitter and the site for more details each day.

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  • Jin Lovelace

    Oh wow!! Now I am heavily enamored on the Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker items. The new Dust promo is looking great and I am excited to see this wonderful event you guys are planning. I can't wait! ^_^

  • achilles232

    Metal Geaaaaaaar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))

  • lum26

    Another awsome update for home. Can't wait to log in after maintenance. Really looking forward to the Expo too :)

  • chris. psn = ilekill

    i sent a freind request to alphazone4 in hope to be able to accepted for the up and comming feature but it is telling me that alphazone4,s freind list is full. :(

    • Cubehouse

      Hi, please do not send friend requests until immediately before events.

  • Lyra

    Am I the only one who noticed the typo in Metal Hear Solid Peace Walker?

  • chris. psn = ilekill

    Cubehouse says:

    March 20, 2012 at 12:24 pm

    Hi, please do not send friend requests until immediately before events.

    considering each country has its own time zone and the freind list is full. and playstation home could end up with some sort of maintainence due on the event days. i guess the option of going to the event will be pritty slim. ?

    • Cubehouse

      Sorry, I do not understand your query?
      Events happen in one place at one time. They will not be happening in every timezone every hour. You need to make sure you turn up at the right time.
      Also, we will empty our friends list before every single event.

  • http://Alazone4 Ray khocks

    Wow, am I the only one disappointed with this update? C'mon all the home users care about is costumes and clothing not some expo… Please this can't be it for this weeks update its gonna make a lot of people upset and angry.

    • Cubehouse

      I think the Expo is the biggest thing any PlayStation Home fan site has ever attempted. I'm sorry if this dissapoints you, but it's going to happen and it will be awesome.
      If you want more clothes, you should talk to the developers, who I am sure are already making more.