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EU Heads Up – Journey, St. Patrick’s Day, GAME Arcade Cabinet and Minotaurs

March 13th, 2012 | 11 comments

This week in the EU PlayStation Home update, Journey is coming to the Home with it’s own themed event space. We expect there will be some nice surprises in this space to celebrate this stunning new game.

Also this week, GAME are releasing a new arcade cabinet, the Superhero Madhouse.

With five challenging levels of 2D side-scrolling 8-bit beat-em-up madness, can you help the hero rescue the Diamond of a Thousand Princesses? Can you unlock all 15 medals as you progress through the asylum attempting to stop the dastardly Captain Wacko?

You can tackle Captain Wacko and his cronies in the GAME Moonbase using arcade tokens or buy the “Superhero Madhouse – Arcade Cabinet” for unlimited plays in your personal spaces and clubs. Purchasing the cabinet also gives you the full range of Superhero Madhouse clothing as an added bonus – KAPOW!

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the Sprocket O’Cog, a new companion from Juggernaut Games. Also check out the Billabong store for a collection of new quality items.

Finally this week, Lockwood are unleashing their latest creation, Enkomi the Minotaur.

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  • FusionShadow

    i'm looking forward to sprocket, but gutted we don't get the old west saloon.

    • RenegadeXtreme

      EU should be getting the Old West Saloon in a few weeks time (more or less).

  • amy hunter

    what a poor update :( usa got a better one

    • RenegadeXtreme

      It's not so bad. NA Home only got something EU got lastweek, and something EU is getting soon. So it balances out :)

      • amy hunter

        ir could be better females dont get much this week apart from that its a good one

  • http://none sevenofnine1

    AWWW what a LAME up d8

    • Joe

      There's nothing lame about journey.

  • ZERBE0643

    will the journey space be coming to us/na?

    • tonydamiani

      Yes it will :) maybe not on todays update but it will next weeks update 😀

  • InSight_2k

    Can't wait to see the Minotaur. :)


    wow, i feel bad for EU they get nothing