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AlphaZone4 Anniversary Expo March 22nd-March 25th – Events, Prizes and much more

March 13th, 2012 | 21 comments

AlphaZone4 will soon be three years old!

It’s crazy right? We’ve been updating this site every week for three whole years. We started out with our infamous daily Xi updates almost 3 years ago and we kept on going. However, now is not the time for the mandatory annual self-congratulatory post. We have some big news to share!

We’ve been working hard to organise the AlphaZone4 Expo. There will be 4 days of events inside PlayStation Home, including developer Q&As, parties, quizzes, give-aways and much more! (including the return of Spread the Red)

That is over 24 hours of events in just 4 days.

What could you win? We have apartments, clothes, bundles, furniture and tons more. nDreams have even offered to let one of our winners design their own Home item that will be available as a Home reward item. Stay tuned to the website next week for more details on how to win that special prize…

We have a large event timetable so you can get to the events you want to attend! Of course, come to as many events as you want. We’ll be doing different things and giving away different prizes at each one.

Click Here To Open The AlphaZone4 2012 Anniversary Expo Calendar

Keep an eye on this calendar throughout the event! More events may be added or moved to different spaces. We’ll post updates on Twitter as they happen.

Additionally, to mark this event, the wonderful guys at Veemee have designed and developed a special AlphaZone4 Anniversary Hoodie for PlayStation Home!

On Wednesday 21st March, find any of the website staff in Home (we’ll be wearing the hoodie) and we’ll give you a code to get your very own! We’ll then be distributing them at our events and eventually en-mass on Twitter,Facebook, and the website to make sure everyone can get their hands on one. These will be available in Male and Female in both the EU and US.

AlphaZone4 Hoodie in PlayStation Home

We want to thank all the amazing PlayStation Home developers that have helped us and all the people working at SCEE and SCEA that have made this possible. Please update your Home shrines to include praise to them for this event.


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  • Dark Rose

    Okay will look out for you guys tomorrow …what timezone are you in btw?

    • Cubehouse

      Not tomorrow, next week 😉

  • Andy

    This is going to be great, I love events like these.

  • addzssdd

    its not tomorrow its on the 21st

  • TJF588

    Hopefully I'll have a day or two off during that time. Definitely wanna get ahold of that hoodie!

    Maybe I should get back to detailing the not-available-[in-the-US-]anymore items in the Item Database.

  • tonydamiani

    Best Event ever in PS Home 😀

  • readytorelease

    @Cubehouse, I would like to know if you guys will also have the green GDC expo tee-shirts giving away at the event? I have been trying to track down some info from you on twitter (killquick) so I wont miss my chance on getting one, BTW here is to many more years to go under the 3 you have now (LOL).

    • Cubehouse

      Hi, we haven't received any communication from you on Twitter I'm afraid. Also, we don't have any GDC shirts, they were most likely only available at the GDC event and won't be available anywhere else.

  • therob21

    I hope I can get an Alphazone4 hoodie too.

    • hellmanzixx

      likewise but where exactly in home will you be at?

      • Cubehouse

        Wednesday we'll be jumping around. Try and find us! We'll post hints on Twitter when we've found somewhere to hide.

        Thursday onwards, just come to our events or check the site to grab the code.

  • joey hellman

    where would the expo be at

    • Cubehouse

      All throughout different Home spaces.

  • buckat12

    aww id realy want a hoodie but with my luck i wont be getting one

    • Cubehouse

      Everyone who comes to any Expo event or follows us on Twitter/Facebook or reads the site will get one.

  • the_traveler_

    awsome !!!

  • achilles232

    HOW TO CONTACT WITH YOU PEOPLE!!! add me PSN: achilles232

    • Cubehouse

      Sorry, I don't understand your question.
      If you are wanting to attend the event, you should wait until next week, when the event starts.

      • achilles232

        Ok ^^

  • kimi500

    i'll be there!! keep up the good work,,,":)

  • mistylear

    Oh cool~ A site I enjoy visiting regularly on a hoodie with a color I love. DO WANT.