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US Heads Up – Old West Saloon, Granzella Update, Lockwood Minotaur and much more

March 12th, 2012 | 10 comments

This week in the US PlayStation Home update, the Granzella Southern Island Hideaway is getting an update, featuring fossil digging and the wedding ceremony. Dig into the walls to find rewards or head over to the new area to show that special virtual loved one you care.

Digital Leisure bring their new Old West Saloon to Home this week, featuring 3 built-in games, Blackjack, Darts and Liar’s Dice. This personal apartment also comes with a ton of new reward items to keep you busy playing through the night.

Also this week, Lockwood are releasing their newest outfit, Enkomi the Minotaur.

You may think you know the legend of the Minotaur’s story, but you do not: The one who once called himself a hero was really a betrayer. Powerful and cunning, Enkomi unlocked the secrets of his labyrinth prison and made his escape. Rising above his mistreatment, he has harnessed the beast, utilizing its brutish strength.

Become Enkomi the Minotaur and unleash the power of the bull by demonstrating his ground-pounding, supernatural strength. Available this Wednesday in the Lockwood Publishing store.

The mall gets it’s usual update of Home goodies, featuring some rather awesome hoverboards and much much more.

Finally this week, make sure you check out The Tester to get your latest hoodie and also the Wardrobe Wars/E3 Sweepstakes for your chance to go to E3 (and don’t forget to come and find us if you win!).

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  • neil

    hi there is that the new liars dice apartment that that will be out tomorow

    • shaunm2

      It will be available on Wednesday.

  • lum26

    Yes, thats the apartment with liars dice. It'll be available on wednesday after the maintenance.

  • buckat12


    those hand things remind me of magic from skyrim.

    when do E3 come?

  • bex

    Is the apartment comeing to eu is that matatour outfit for females to I hope so females don't get much outfits that do stuff :( I hope females get an outfit to

    • RenegadeXtreme

      Yes the apartment is coming to EU. But im not exactly sure when :)

  • amy hunter

    is eu a getting that apartment and is eu getting th hoverborads just wondering i hope females get that mataour outfit to 😉 or something to that dose actions

  • http://none sevenofnine1

    OMG!!! U.S.A gets a better up d8 then E.U

    • Turkey Brain

      US usually does get better updates than EU, which gets what the US got weeks ago.


    the western space is an INSULT to everyone who likes wesrersns

    A) the outfits are cartoony and stupid

    B) theres no swinging double doors that all western saloons are supose o have ( they put a door in the corner of the room )

    C) and likemost home spaces these day more than half the place is already decoated by the arrogant FKs that think they know how to decorate right.