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US Heads Up – The French Chateau, Iron Fusion Samurai, LOOT Animal Furnishings and more

February 27th, 2012 | 25 comments

This week in the US PlayStation Home update, The French Chateau apartment is now available to purchase!

Also this week, Lockwood bring their new Iron Fusion Samurai & Geisha Costumes.

Iron Fusion Samurai & Geisha Costumes –Four very different robots join Lockwood Publishing’s growing Iron Fusion family this week: Kojiro, Musashi, Ume and Matsu, powerful ancient robots of unknown origin. The former two are impressive and honorable Samurai Bots; the latter two are graceful and intelligent Geisha Bots. Explore their powers by trying out their custom animations!

LOOT are bringing their pet furnishings to the US this week and owners of the LOOT Space Apartment will find 45 free items in the LOOT store!

The Star Wars Brisk event is ongoing, head over to Pier park to play the mini-game. Also, the Brisk app will get your additional rewards (see source link for further details):

Be sure to call **WARS (9277) to download Brisksaber, the all new Lightsaber app from Brisk and Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 3D, you’ll earn additional exclusive gear for your PlayStation Home avatar (Msg & Data rates apply).

Novus Prime is having an item sale with up to 50% off selected items!

The Mall updates this week with it’s usual selection of costumes and clothing and there are some sneak previews on some new apartments (see the images below).

Finally, the Wardrobe Wars and Street Fighter X Tekken games are continuing and the LOOT EOD updates with a selection of new films, including  FAMILY BUSINESS, STEALTH, DESPERATE MEASURES, CHEECH & CHONG’S NICE DREAMS, AGAINST THE DARK, DIRTY, THE MARSH, CRUEL INTENTIONS, SCREAMERS: THE HUNTING, TRUE BELIEVER and much more!

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  • GeniusM77

    wow awesome update

    • killerg-US-

      well i have to say that the iron fusion done very well i hope its price wont be very expensive 😉

      • RenegadeXtreme

        £3.19 / $3.99 / €3.99

    • psn ilekillya

      usa based playstation 3 user. i have the space apartment and today the 2/29/12. i checked my furniture and re-downloaded my space apartment and even went to the loot store to find my free so called 45 items. but in the store i still have to buy them.

      • RenegadeXtreme

        LOOT are aware of this problem. And are looking for it to be fixed soon.

  • angel90

    nice update this week but still wound like new final fantasy costumes you do that please :(?

  • bex2422

    i hope eu get a fair update this week i hope eu get that apartment :) i also hope them robot outfits are female to and i hope they both get fair amount to good update

    • Lyra

      We still have a huge backlog from US apartments to get.

      So don't expect these ones to come sooner than 2015…

      • Cubehouse

        It's not a backlog. Many of these apartments aren't intended to come to the EU. If there is an apartment you actually want, you should be requesting it to the EU Home team to see if they will try and get it.

        • killerg-US-

          really that is awsome 😉

        • Lyra

          >Implying the EU Home Team does actually read and respond to ideas.

          No but seriously, there are some apartments, which may come to EU sooner or later. It's easy to recognize them, because some are already translated to german, spanish and italian (the Mansion for example, even though the many guys don't want that thing here…).

          Therefore I assume, that there is a backlog. It just takes forever to bring the apartments and items to other regions.

  • maritzav

    Kool updated

  • Dan

    What are the names of the new personal spaces, the last one looks cool.

    • RenegadeXtreme

      Moon Forest, Plum Tree Pavilion, and Hillside.

  • killerg-US-

    we gonna enjoy it

  • killerg-US-

    😉 😀 :) ;D

  • Smelly Toe

    Holy hot dogs on a toasted bun! I want to buy that there mansion! How much, sonny?

  • bex2422

    is Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City comeing to home ? i read on facebook

    • Cubehouse

      You should post a link, otherwise obviously nobody will be able to verify such a claim.

  • the_traveler_

    nice update !


    time for shopping again XD

  • NikkiBabbii

    How do you get the free items for the Loot apartment.. I have the Loot apartment.. But it says I have to pay for the items?

    • RenegadeXtreme

      Apparently there is an error in the pricing. LOOT are aware of this, and are looking to have this fixed as soon as possible.

      • NikkiBabbii

        Thank you.