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EU Heads Up – Novus Prime: Vindication, Silent Hill, Castlevania and Lockwood’s Drey Collection

January 10th, 2012 | 14 comments

This week in the European PlayStation Home update, Novus Prime is getting a brand new expansion pack with Vindication. Boasting a raised level cap, new missions, a new race and even a ton of new rewards!

Check out yesterday’s full coverage of the update to Novus Prime.

Also this week, Lockwood are releasing brand new Drey clothing:

Men about town no longer have to worry about the weather, as Drey provides smart suits complete with designer umbrellas. The ladies have a distinctive new outfit, too, pairing a structured miniskirt with simple top, adding flair with a dramatic lace fan. Unleash your inner diva with Drey.

Finally, Konami have created some Castlevania inspired tattoos which are launching this week along with some some legendary Silent Hill characters in Home. This week you’ll be able to get James and Heather outfits in celebration of the Silent Hill HD collection.

Silent Hill HD Collection Costumes

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  • Deviant

    No Granzella's Edo for EU? >:(

  • RandomRob

    Any news on the winter quests as they are still not working?

  • bex2422

    is this for tmorrow ?

    • Cubehouse


      • bex2422

        wow homes updated early this week

        • Cubehouse

          Please see previous announcements on last week's update articles and Twitter etc. – updates are now on Wednesdays.

          • bex2422

            is the full home update comeing tmorrow sorry clubhouse im confused

          • Cubehouse

            My name is cubehouse.
            As I just said, "updates are now on Wednesdays"

          • bex2422

            so home will add new stuff wednesdays instead of thrusdays now

          • Cubehouse


    • killlerg-4-

      yes now the updates changed to wednesday seems like we have a cool update

  • J Mama

    Holy smoking potato skins! Updates are now on Wednesdays!

    • mixxy254


  • Dark Rose

    When are the updates again? 😉