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NA Heads Up: Metal Gear Solid, Lockwood's Woolly Pets and more

June 8th, 2011 | 14 comments

Hope everyone has been enjoying E3, there have been a few Home-related bits of information to come out of E3, including Dust 514, the FPS integrated with EVE Online will be coming exclusively to PS3 along with a dedicated PlayStation Home space. So, keep your eyes peeled for any further developments on that.

This week, not only is the E3 2011 booth already available, but more goodies are coming this Thursday after weekly maintenance.

Konami is stocking their Home item collection up with brand new items from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (!), Blades of Steel and Sunset Riders.

Lockwood are releasing their new range of woolly pet companions, make sure you check the video out below for adorable-ness.

Finally, Paramount are bringing more items from Days of Thunders into the stores and the Costumes store is getting a hefty update.

If you aren’t a regular visitor to the community theatre, this week a new PlayStation online drama series is starting, PlatinumD! This drama/comedy series is based around the world of PlayStation and will be airing inside the PlayStation Home Community Theatre in the future.

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  • Homer

    How long will the E3 space last in NA ?
    I freeze when i win any reward , but i really like the 1's from E3 :(
    So maybe it'll get fixed before the space isn't available anymore …
    I heared they'd fix it by the end of the month , so will the E3 space last that long ?
    If not , lot's of people won't be able to get the rewards , unfortunately :(

    • Cubehouse

      E3 space will be online long enough for the freeze bug to be fixed. Sony are aware of it and are looking into it and will assure that people don't miss out.

  • Random80media

    Hey 2 quick questions:

    1. Is the E3 2011 booth with free stuff gonna be available for people in the EU? Or are they just gonna forget about us this year? I hope not as I got all the free stuff last year :)

    2. And do you know if the 100 free stuff in home will be avalible this week eg 09/06/11?

    • Cubehouse

      1. E3 booth will likely be available this week, according to some comments from people at Sony
      2. EU are not getting the 100 free stuff bundle, they're getting a DIFFERENT bundle. Please just stay patient. If I knew when it was available I would alert people.

      • Random80media

        Thank you Cube.
        DIFFERENT bundle for EU so looking forward to that :)

  • bex2422

    is this the home update for this week or there an update tmorrow for home sorry if im anooying

    • Cubehouse

      Please read the article, it says that this is the content coming after Thursday's maintenance.

      • bex2422

        are you getting them pets i hope so my daugther wants me to buy them

  • Gray Fox

    Coming the MGS stuff in eu home too??

    • Cubehouse

      No idea. HOPE SO! I want a cardboard box dammit.

      • Gray Fox

        Yeah ^^ i want a Metal Gear Rex/Rey Companion

        • Cubehouse

          (I believe EU are getting MGS stuff too btw)

  • Homer

    Thanks for the fast reply , cube :)
    By the way , it's possible to get to E3 booth (with an EU account) by invite from someone already in USA .
    That's how i got the items (except for 1 : the peep-compagnion didn't work for EU yet) .

  • The_FPS

    I want a Sunset Riders arcade cabinet. If it works, even better!