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What is the Lockwood Gift Machine?

December 22nd, 2010 | 11 comments

Need the perfect gift for a friend or loved one?
Always leave your gift buying to the last minute?
Hate busy store queues?
Can only dream of wrapping a present like a professional?

Then the folks at Lockwood Publishing are here to help with the latest wonder gadget for all PlayStation Home users. A must have for any seasonal period or when the call for the perfect gift comes without warning.

We bring you the ultimate combination of creative genius and SINGULARITY technology, the Lockwood Gift Machine.

This ergonomically designed present producer has everything you need. Simply place the Gift Machine in your personal space, approach and play (when prompted) to see this wonder of technology come to life. Guests can use the gift machine too!

You will be presented with a selection of gifts to suit all pockets using Lockwood Tokens. Choose up to six friends from your PSN list, select the appropriate gift and before your very eyes the Gift Machine will create the item, gift wrap it and then teleport it to the intended recipient avoiding all the worry of deliveries during the holidays.

This must-have item is available NOW from your local Lockwood Stockist for the paltry sum of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! And includes 64 Lockwood Tokens for FREE! (additional tokens sold separately)

Using the Lockwood Patent Gift Machine:

  1. Obtain your FREE Gift Machine from the Store
  2. Place the Gift Machine in your apartment and engage
  3. Select Give Gift from the on Screen Menu
  4. Select up to 6 friends to send a gift to
  5. Select a present from the range available on the screen
  6. Personalize the gift with a message for your friend
  7. Send someone a wonderful surprise
  8. Once you’re finished, watch the Gift Machine go to work
  9. To obtain a gift sent from a Lockwood Gift Machine simply find your nearest Lockwood Gift Machine and watch your gift wrapped wonder materialize before your very eyes

Note: Gifts are created using Lockwood Tokens, 64 Tokens come with the Gift Machine but others can be purchased from the Store or from the Gift Machine itself.


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  • geauxtigers

    So can you gift yourself lol

  • Tom

    I hope i can gift myself! 😮 If i cant, someone wanna trade gifts?

  • Phil_E

    Add me to exchange gifts :) PSN: Phil_E

  • RenegadeTomato

    I hope you can send yourself gifts cause I don't have any friends. No one likes tomatoes.

  • the_fps

    Ditto on the gifting, lol. I only really want the ray gun. …well maybe the dinosaurs too.

  • kingofgames73

    Same here, really want the ray gun, tried sending it from one account to another but the machine doesnt come with enough tokens to purchase the ray gun without buying more :O. So if anyone wants to send me the ray gun, psn message me (kingofgames73) i'll send you as many gifts as i can with two accounts in return ;), thanks

  • pjev99

    I couldnt find what store to get it from

    • Cubehouse

      If you're in America, find it in the Sodium store in the Mall. In Europe, you can find it in the Lockwood store in the Shopping area.

  • ish

    wheree iss thatt machiineee??

    • Cubehouse

      You should find it in the Lockwood or Sodium Store in your shopping area.

  • cileneci

    at lockwood store