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PlayStation Home Worldwide Content Updates – 10th June 2010

June 10th, 2010 | 3 comments

This week in PlayStation Home around the world:

The Disgaea 3 spaces launch in America this week, followed by a massive collection of clothes and furniture items to purchase. Europe gets a set of disco items, including animated equaliser shirt and laser set. Meanwhile, Japan has gone all out with a very large Irem Wedding clothing set.

Also this week – the PlayStation Home Item Database has received a massive update to it’s interface:

  • Faster – on average, up to 20x faster
  • New interface style – cleaner, simpler
  • Item rating system – rate items /5
  • Wishlists – store a temporary list of items you want, it will add up the total for you

If you check out the new database, we would appreciate some feedback/comments! Click here to view our forum feedback thread.

Updated PlayStation Home Item Database

See below for full new content listings. More content may be added in later.

– New Store Items –

New European Content


This week, Europe gets:

  • A disco collection from Lockwood, including animated equaliser T-Shirt, neon shoes and a laser show
  • Additional variations on LocoRoco items
  • A collection of new shirts in the V-Shirt store – including fireman/doctor/army patterned shirts

Full Update List

New American Content


America gets:

  • A massive collection of Nippon Ichi clothing and ornaments
  • Some more nDreams fantasy costumes (now some for female too!)
  • A golden microphone from Lockwood, some light trench-coats and some more neon objects

Full Update List

New Japanese Content


The Japanese region of PlayStation Home gets:

  • A massive collection of clothes for an Irem Wedding
    • A special beach chapel has been added to the Seaside of Memories

Full Update List

New Asian Content


The Asian region of PlayStation Home gets:

  • An update to the Irem clothing range

Full Update List

– New Spaces –

The Nether Institute, Evil Academy



  • Seaside of Memories
    • Updated with Beach chapel for Irem Wedding clothing


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  • Richard

    when we gonna get more cool stuff like they getttin in the usa :(

  • Phoebe

    US HOME still needs to bring the female fashions from Asia HOME. Much cooler, sexier and interchangeable! PLEASE HURRY UP!!!!

  • Phoebe

    changed my mind im gonna sell my ps3 and get a job