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Exclusive First Look – GAME coming to PlayStation Home

March 12th, 2010 | 9 comments

Today, we are proud to bring you an exclusive look at the new GAME space in PlayStation Home. GAME is the largest video game retailer in Europe and next week, on March 18th, will be adding it’s own addition into Home.

As more and more non game development companies are entering the virtual grounds of Home, it only makes sense for the leading video game retailer to take a step and make itself known to the online gaming community.

Check out the gallery for some exclusive images of the new content coming soon and stay tuned next week more more information.


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  • Random80media

    I did notice the posters around the Home square…. Looks good but what can we do in there??
    Is it a place to play demo's of new games with out downloading?? or is it just a shop to buy games??

    • TheSabreman

      My guess is that it will have a store (with products also accessible in the shopping mall). Possibly may be used as a conduit for third parties to sell things through Game.

      Highly likely to have adverts for new releases and promotions for exclusive game limited editions.

      Also a game in the space to tie in with the moonbase – space invaders/asteroids?.

  • Random80media

    Be cool if we get those space outfits for free… we can all go Daft Punk and do the robot dance in Home….LOL

  • Eddie Haskell420

    Do you know if this is also coming to NA HOME? Or
    Is this a EU Exclusive?

    • Cubehouse

      Cannot confirm, but GAME is a European/Australian branch I believe, so most likely EU only.

  • fezzzzzzy

    would be nice if we could use our game card reward points to buy items thats my theory on this space buy from game use your points to get exclusive items it makes good marketing sense to me..

  • xino

    ok so what can you do in GAME space?

    • Cubehouse

      More details will be available next week about the exact content available in the space.

  • Spideywebs

    My guess is that it will be a Home storefront to purchase disc based games, and other items sold in Game stores. That would be a neat idea, especially if they give discounts and preorder bonuses for Home users. I guess we'll find out soon.