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Future Sodium content teased in interview

January 4th, 2010 | 16 comments

Sodium One was released just before Christmas and has proved a very popular area within PlayStation Home. This “mini-MMO” is set to expand with additional content soon.

Those Sodium credits you’ve been saving will be able to purchase more items than just shirts soon, including exclusive Sodium One apartments.

… Sodium One is just the start…

Outso and Lockwood are also getting ready to publish more content and expand the experience with Sodium Two.

Expect to see events and more content in the short future. See the full interview below and stay tuned at AlphaZone4 for news.

Source: GameSpot


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    This could be very interesting indeed.

    Will Sodium be just as big as Xi once was? That is the question that pops into my mind.
    I'm really looking forward to things to come in the future.

    I still awefull at the Salt Shooter game tho:P

  • http://n/a sweetlight

    Well I played in the sodium and I got to make drinks as a employee and also drink some. I stomped some scorpions and got sodium credits. I flew around this hover kraft and shot missles at others. I'm still trying to figure out how to collect more credit to get some items they are like 25000+ so I guess it'll take alot of time playing this game. I think this game should come with better directions or some kind of manual. Vikie wasn't much help either.

    • angelofdoom

      if you beat the entire salt shooter you can just replay level 49 getting an average of 2500 credits each time you beat the level. that is what i do and i have gotten the sodium shirtless torso with scorpion tattoo (50,000) and the sodium basic tank chair (25,000) all in a 1 week period but this "future content" is gonna make me save up for sure..if i try i can earn an average of 20000 a day using salt shooter alone

  • xadox725

    I agree with sweetlight….the fact that you need to earn 25000+ points just for the clothing items is ridiculous(50 credits from Gold, 10 from Silver, etc.). By the time i get there I would of lost interest in the game….OH no, looks like i already did

    • angelofdoom

      correction it is 25 for every gold piece and 5 for every silver piece and 1 for every silicon. i will say you loose interest quickly but working for rewards and looking forward to upcoming events is what fuels me

  • Vitaredux

    I was really excited by the Sodium space. It was big with multiple games, but it just hasn't captured me yet. I played all the games a few times and then got bored of them. I don't find the space has much character or atmosphere, maybe down to the open edges (makes me want to explore further) and huge blank sky. I hope they can make more of it. I'd like to see some planets and suns or a space station moving round in the sky.

  • djepic112

    Lochwood is English? I knew it! I could tell by the name and logo. I haven't been able to find information on them till now.

  • Readytorelease

    Sodium One space is just as XI once was, just less missions to do (you had puzzles, mini games, and good old brain work to do the job) don't get me wrong I love Sodium One it is fantastic, Salt Shotter is great still haven't gotten all five jackets yet though (3 so far), Scorpion Stomp is challenging how we get 60 in 1 minute (:)), so there is more that will make it better then it is now and I am all for that.

  • sevenofnine1

    50000 credits is crazy just to by 1 item of clothing from sodium as for jacket well? thats a very steep price to pay2.99

    • Number_51

      50,000 credits does seem like a lot but you should have more then enough just on 1 playthrough of the full 50 level game. As far as the price goes let's look at what you get: helmet, gloves, shoes, pants, up to 6 different jackets and the full 50 level game. Seems like a better value then just about anything else in Home to me.

  • sevenofnine1

    oh? i for got to say why have they made it so difficult to get audi appartment?

    • Cubehouse

      Just take it slow and get all the speed boosts.
      In the final jump, watch your speed and use the speed boosts one-by-one when your speed drops.
      As long as you have all the boosts, you should make over 5000

      • sevenofnine1

        ok thanks clubhouse i,ii try that

      • bakagami

        wait…what are u guys talking about, I don't remember seeing a game like that in Sodium One

        • Cubehouse

          If you go to the Salt Shooter teleporter (near the big floating tank), there is a full 50-level third person hover-tank shooting game available to play with extensive upgradable weapons.
          Should check it out 😉

  • Rio

    Sodium one already looks good enough so i dont see how good sodium two is going to be !!!
    im realy looking forward to seeing what they come up with and maybe make the game easier ;P loool