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Home TV Launches – Why don't you contribute?

December 23rd, 2009 | 7 comments

The first episode of Home TV is now available in the cinema in Europe. Check it out below!

Home TV will feature the latest news about forthcoming Home releases and events. If you have a community event you think should be featured in Home TV, why now tell Home TV about it at

We’re loving the latest increase in communication between Sony and the Home community. This week has been a huge landmark in Home’s community with massive amounts of content and spaces available. SCEE certainly have the right direction with Home TV and we’re looking forward to seeing the next episode next month, so get emailing if you have an idea! Show the world what the community can do.


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  • ReccaWolf

    Is this coming to US as well? I would like it if it did as well. Good idea this show to tell us about upcoming events. ^^

    • Cubehouse

      This is an EU thing, wouldn't be surprised is US did something similar tho.

      • TJH

        just saying that US home did do something like this to advertise everything they put in the threads store, however it was only a one time kind of deal

  • Danuk123

    Where is the concert stage that is shown in the Playstation Home TVvideo?

  • Danuk123

    When will this Musicality Dance Space arrive?
    I see the space in the Playstation Home TV


    • Cubehouse

      The music dance floor and stage are not available yet in Home – is a sneak preview of things arriving soon 😉